Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ok, So Here's The Situation...

My parents went away on a weeks vacation. Sorry, some Will Smith popped into my head there. Wow, I really just dated myself, huh?

Anyways, there is good news and there is bad news. The bad news is that Kevin's computer is a 'no go' right now. I am currently at the local library trying to post. Unfortunately, they do not allow you to upload anything to their computers so I can't post pictures. I came so prepared, too. Oh well.

The good news is that his computer should be fixed Monday. So I should be back right away.

In the meantime I will just busy my idle hands with more sewing and knitting, there is so much to be done. There are a couple of things I need to get working on : birthdays in the coming months, as well as things needed for the beginning of the school year, Halloween fairy gifts, oh and Martinmas sweaters to think about... Oy vey, I'd better get going!

Since I just can't bring myself to post without any photographs I stole one from my ravelry projects page. It's a copy so I apologize for the picture quality. This was Baby L's present from the Root Children this year. It's a bunny 'blanket buddy'/teether. I knit it out of some leftover organic cotton and stuffed the head with wool. Baby L was barely a month old when the Root Children came so it just sat on his changing table until he started teething. Now we wet the bunny's paws, stick in the freezer for a bit and then let Baby L teeth away on it. It's perfect! I altered the pattern a tiny bit. My rav notes are here.

Ok I feel a bit better now! I just wanted to let you all know, too, that your questions are not being ignored! As soon as I have Kevin's computer back I will be responding to them all. Please bear with me just a tiny bit longer.
I hope you are all having a beautiful weekend.

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