Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Knitting and Sewing Rhythm

First things first - a big THANK YOU to all of you for your kind words on my previous post. I am a bit behind today but I will get back to all of you very soon. In the meantime to answer a couple of your questions : the dress pattern is the 'Claire' by Portabellopixie, and the bonnet pattern is 'The Bonnet' by KingPod.

Now back to our regularly scheduled post...

*sigh* Will I ever be able to take a photo without a piece of dog or cat fur stuck somewhere in it?
I thought I would start out by not sharing my own works in progress but my sweet little K's current project. At the end of the school year she picked up four finger knitting after many, many tries throughout the year. Now she is four finger knitting like crazy. She is currently working on 'creating her own pattern'. I am sure I will be sharing it with all of you as soon as she has it done. It's funny because in Waldorf teaching four finger knitting is for the older children in the kindergarten (and knitting with needles isn't until first grade around the age of seven) and now as she is close to turning six - ready to be one of the older children in her second year of kindergarten - she figured it out. Steiner never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of ages and readiness.

As for me, I am still working on a project for Baby L. Not much progress has been made as I have ripped these out a couple of times now due to making them too small. Hopefully I am on the right track now. I still do not have any Shalom pics yet to share. I have been wearing it quite a bit though and absolutely adore it. Now I feel I am ready to take on more projects for myself.

Also in the works some more sewing for K. C gets all of K's hand me downs so I don't have to sew or knit quite as much for her. K on the other hand just keeps growing like a weed! This Mama needs to learn how to keep up.

Speaking of sewing for K, I have a nice sewing rhythm going right now, knock on wood, and I am hoping to start on K's birthday dress ASAP. I am hoping to make one for her to wear during our cold winter. I would really like to make 90% or so of her clothing for this school year, if I can pull it off. Until now I have been afraid to attempt sewing warm winter clothes, well that and I can't find any warm and cute looking winter dress patterns (especially now that K is getting into sizes 6 and 7, all the patterns look like they are meant for grown women!). So, here I am, on my knees begging you my wise, inspiring, creative friends - Do you know of any warm winter dress patterns that you would be willing to share?

What are you working on? Happy creating!!
And for all my fellow knitters : Don't forget the Mamma4earth giveaway is closing Thursday evening. Enter to win three of Linda's great patterns!

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