Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wondering Times

I am wondering

.: If K's mangled and beat up lunch basket will make it through these last few days of school.

.: Can I get through a Zimmermann pattern without pumping myself up with coffee?

.: When will we get these flannel sheets off of our bed and move on to summer sheets. It's June, Father Sun, please warm us up now! Not to mention when on earth we will paint these unpleasant shade of red walls in our bedroom.

.: How will we manage without baby L's guardian angel, aka C's teacher, who is moving to California this summer.

.: If I will have any hair left after this crazy postpartum hair loss period. I think there is more of my hair around the house than there is on my head.

.: Thinking it maybe time for a hair cut due to the aforementioned hair loss.

.: Will Kevin's job ever let up so we can see him more often then just the weekends (Literally, he usually leaves for work before the girls wake up and doesn't make it home until hours after they have gone to bed).

.: As our first magical year of school comes to an end, I am wondering how we will survive the summer break.

.: If K's vast imagination will ever cease to amaze me.

.: What will our kitties do when baby L outgrows his kitty bed, ahem, I mean moses basket.

.: Will our strawberry season ever arrive? I am just itching to make some honey sweetened strawberry jam among many other things.

.: If you will join me tomorrow for a giveaway from one of my talented sponsors?

See you then!

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