Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Little Doctors

Ever since little L'sMRI back in April, doctor play has been quite big in this house. There are even some mornings when we all have just woken up and the doctor kit is already out and waiting by the feet of two messy haired girls. Luckily, little L doesn't mind his sisters constant hovering and tickling one bit.

It makes me wonder, though. Would either of the girls be inspired to become doctors due to their little brother's condition? We have never asked them what they want to be when they grow up, it's such a big question for children so small, but still I wonder. K, especially is just so empathetic, thoughtful and caring I could see her doing something like that. I have also envisioned her as some kind of religious figure, too. She is extremely spiritual, always has been. When she was about 9 months old she had her grain ceremony which is a ceremony where she is given her first grains. It is also a ceremony to see which path in life she would take : the spiritual path or the materialistic path. Shiny coins were placed before her on one side and bibles on another side, then we let her go to see which she would crawl to. She went straight to the bibles. I think I may have mentioned her connection to angels once or twice, too...

ETA: I think my term 'materialistic' seems to not come off the right way. I didn't mean it to sound like materialistic as in only caring about possessions, money, etc but as in being very attached to the body and this world while the opposite being spiritual meaning not attached to the body. I hope that makes better sense! I just wouldn't want anyone to take what I said the wrong way!

Anyways, I am off track now...

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of you for your e-mails asking about little L and wanting updates. Even though that MRI was way back in April and we got the results, we still have not moved forward. Part of that is my fault. I have been fearing the next appointment - In what ways will they prod my baby this time? Will I be able to handle whatever results they may find? Would I be able to handle them not finding any results, again? Do I really have to continue down this road?
With all of that in my mind, I haven't picked up the phone to make that next appointment. It just seems to scary for me. I know that sounds absolutely absurd, believe me, and I know I can handle it, but it is still a bit rough. Thankfully, Kevin picked up on my fear and has been trying to get the next appointment set up. If you have ever had to see a specialist you may know how that goes, appointments are usually months out.

So here we sit, and wait. Little L is hitting every milestone and doing beautifully. He has been opening his one eye more and more and does not appear to have any vision issues. He is growing, cooing, rolling all over the place and giggling like crazy, and my goodness is he ticklish! He is such a laid back, happy baby and he brings so much joy into our lives.
I do promise to update you all when we take that next step forward and go to that appointment. I wish I could take you all with me to hold my hand but just knowing that you are all here with me will help me out in so many ways. Thank you.

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