Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beeswax Egg Candles & Chicken Fun

Hello ladies!

A couple of weeks ago we went to visit our neighbors. They own a 5 acre farm located at the bottom of our mountain smack dab in the middle of suburbia. Their land is part of the original Oregon dairy and was grandfathered in many, many years ago.
The girls had such a great time meeting the goats, honey bees and emu but what they especially loved was meeting their 250 chickens. We loved watching them eat and helping to collect their eggs. It made us anxious for the farm we someday wish to own.

With all our day dreaming and wishful thinking the girls and I decided to make some new candles with some of those sweet chickens' egg shells. A perfect spring project and just in time for Easter, too!

We started by melting some beeswax in our beeswax pot.

Then, if the eggs were blown we covered the bottom hole with wide, thick tape. If the eggs were just broken in half then we skipped this part.

We placed a wick in each eggs shell making sure it was centered. (We used wicks that had a metal base to hold it in place.

Then we filled the shells with the melted beeswax. We let the beeswax cool over night. On a side note: I first tried sticking them in the freezer to make them solidify faster but the shells did not like seem to like that and cracked. So I had to break off the shells and melt the wax back down to try again with new shells. Lesson learned, eggshells + beeswax + sudden temperature change = disaster!

Tah dah! A finished candle.

The girls wanted to make them a bit more fancy so they cut out designs in their decorating beeswax and then pressed them on to the shells.

C's sits in a nest on our nature table but K's has been used as our meal candle for every meal the past week or so. They are so pretty and festive when lit. We look forward to using them all spring long.

Why not join us in our egg candle making fun? We learned how to them from a parent at school but the wonderful Donni at The Magic Onions has a tutorial here,as well. Happy spring!

Just a little update : No word from our Doctor yet on the MRI results, hopefully soon, though. I am continuing with my mantra - Just keep busy, just keep busy...
Thank you, again for your thoughts and prayers!!!



Tonya Gunn said...

Those are so sweet - we made some with our neighbor's beeswax too.

I am saving some have egg shells for Easter dinner to put at each setting filled with a bit of green wool and a treat.

Glad you are keeping busy.
Still keeping your family in my prayers.

Carrie said...

This is a wonderful idea and as I've been saving eggshells for the last week we can make some today. Thanks for the inspiration.

I'm praying for your little man's results to be positive. My youngest has one eyelid that is a little droopier than the other - she looked very similar to L at his age and it's still fairly obvioius at almost 3 - and no one has ever mentioned that this might be due to anything worrying. I may have her checked out now.

Anonymous said...

So sweet!

I continue to hold you all in my heart.

Mandi said...

Very sweet!

La Chili said...

Thanks for the idea, we will try it.
We continue to pray for, little one.

Francesca said...

Thanks for sharing...another beautiful Easter idea...and let's be thankful, positive and confident. Your family is very much in our hearts and prayers...

Heidi said...

Keeping your family in my prayers. (Also, how can you not mention that incredibly cute knitted snail?) Love the candles, too.

molly said...

be assured of my prayers. And, those candles are a must do!

MamaWestWind said...

Love them! I have to do this now.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone. I would love to see your candles! Thank you truly for the continued prayers, too.

The knitted snail is one of our favorites :) The pattern is from Linda at Natural Suburbia :
Super fast and oh so sweet! My girls still play with them.

lisa said...

We were inspired and made some beeswax egg candles yesterday! Thank you for the idea!

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