Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Holiday Confusion

A peek into my WIP basket

Is it Halloween? Or is it Christmas? I can't tell anymore. As usual I have quite a few things going on at once. I finally decided on what the Halloween Fairy is bringing the girls. One part of it was bought and the other is currently being made. I don't have any pictures yet, I just started it last night. I am rushing like crazy to finish it by this weekend and I should have it done in time. The only problem with doing it last minute like this is that I rush which tends to cause mistakes and sloppy work. I need to try and keep myself in check and make this nice for the girls...

Pocket Mice

I started on the kitties' Christmas presents. They will each get at least one wool mouse with catnip and wool stuffing inside, perhaps there will even be a bell in some of them. The ones I made last year for them were a big hit, they are completely falling apart. This time I am knitting them in bright colors to make them easier for us to find. I am hoping to make 2 for each of them 1 big and 1 small. They like the small ones so they can carry them around the house, but the big ones to bat around. Don't ask me how I find the time to notice those kinds of things!

Late night assembly

We went to Ikea last weekend (Which requires a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your help!) and I found my desk and chair. That's all I could afford for now so the shelving, etc will come later. I can't wait to get set up! I assembled my chair but Kevin and I are currently working on putting my desk together one screw at a time. Slow going there with his hectic work schedule and my endless crafting but I have a feeling it will be done by next week. Now, clearing space among all the boxes for my desk; that's another story.

A couple of things I did manage to finish this week are:

Our Korknissee

This little guy was a super fast and easy knit. My mom gave me some wine corks last year for this project and I didn't get around to it until now. I am not too happy with his face so I will probably switch out the cork. I am thinking of adding a string to his hat to make him into an ornament. I planned on making a bunch of these guys because they look so nice set up together but I only have a couple corks with out writing printed on them so I will have to wait until I can find more.

Falling leaves

I have always loved the beautiful needle felted mobiles made by naturechild on Etsy, have you ever seen them? I just could not justify buying one. So the girls and I made a mobile of our own inspired by naturechild. Granted our little mobile is nowhere near as wonderful as hers but it makes up happy. We dipped the leaves in beeswax and tied them on then made a swing for our autumn fairy to sit on. I wanted to use a branch instead of the mini wreath to hang the leaves and swing from but we couldn't find one that was just right, maybe next Autumn we will, though :) The wreath still works. The girls love her and that's all that matters. She is currently swinging in our kitchen over the girls' play table.

Thank you, again, everyone for all your help. I hope you are all done or near done with whatever Halloween projects you have going on. If not, know I'm up late finishing last minute with you!

Happy Creating!



Tonya Gunn said...

Your projects are wonderful!! I love them. I had been meaning to do the leaves dipped in beeswax this year, but alas, I think our leaves have passed and the block of beeswax will have to wait until next year.
That little cork person is adorable. I will definitely be doing some of these.
Warm wishes.

Joy said...

The leaf mobile is adorable! Good luck finishing your Halloween fairy items this week. I'm sure they'll be lovely, and you'll show us the finished product next week, right? I have a pottery jug full of wine corks, and I'm sure several are unprinted. If you'll send me your addy, I'll mail them to you.

Unknown said...

i love it! sounds like you are getting settled in quite nicely..:)

i still want pics of the house i bordering on nagging? LOL love you girl!

Kimberley said...

The mobile is great! I love it! I know how you feel...I have to get all my ducks in a row for holiday crafting & make some decisions!

Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

I second & third Cat. I want to see the house!

Nicole, I insist that you go read this:

Marina said...

I love your mobile! She is gorgeous! I think it's probably more special since you made her :)

I TOTALLY know what you mean about doing things last minute and sloppy work! (Did you move into MY head this week??!!!) I was up ALL NIGHT making dinosaur costumes for the boys and ended up sewing on a sleeve upside down! After I nap, I am going to tackle it again!

Wishing you MUCH better luck with your Halloween crafts!

mamaraby said...

Halloween crafts...hmm, yeah still working on that one. I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with the trick-or-treat bags and about the same with L's costume. I began it all so early in the month I was so sure I'd be finished before now. heh

Mama Rose said...

Great job on the mobile!! I've been making crochet ball with bells inside for my little one's last week and they too are loving it. Funny, I was going to post about it today, but need to take some pics. Can't wait to see your finished mice:D

Unknown said...

I just love coming to your blog and seeing those adorable shoes in your header!

Love the leaf mobile!!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Your leaf mobile is very pretty. Lots of good things going on in that craft basket of yours! I just finished a little knitted pumpkin... I think that will be all the Halloween crafting I do, besides pumpkin carving with the girls of course. Although I am considering having my unfinished needle felted figure turn into a pumpkin fairy ):

Carrie said...

Oh goodness! How is it that the Universe concocts these things! I JUST noticed today that my catnip seeds, plant 6 months ago, have sprouted and are small plants. They are looking a bit pinched off, so I'm guessing that Lucas, our cat, knew about them long ago. I am going to try to harvest and dry some for him.

We have a leaf, et al, mobile, that we love. I especially enjoyed when the sweet gum balls dried and opened up, spilling all their seeds. :)


Betty Bohemian said...

I think its funny that you talked about the blending of Halloween and X-mas because yesterday, the boys and I made salt dough ornaments out of Halloween/fall cookie cutters and painted them x-mas colors for the x-mas

Beth said...

I love what you are doing, especially the falling leaves! Beth

kris laroche said...

hello nicole. how lovely to meet you. read your comment on soulemama and have been devouring your blog. i am so excited to see such a beautiful list of blogs you follow. thanks for that. i hope to keep meeting you here more. with much love.

Simple Mama said...

Brilliant idea on the mobile! Love it! Did yo make the little fairy too?

FrontierDreams said...

Naturalearthfarm- Thank you! This is the first year I managed to get the leaves in time.

Joy - Thank you! I will e-mail you in a bit :) I'll try and get pics up next week!

Cat - I know! I know!! I'll get on that... I swear!

Kimberley - Thank you! I need to stop changing my mind with my holiday crafting :p

Michelle - LOL that is a great post, altough you know of my love for Martha <3 <3 :p

Marina - I already posted on you blog but I hope the costumes are going great!! <3

Pampered mom - K has her trick or treat bag but I didn't get around to making C's this year so she'll be carrying a pillow case.. or something... Ughhh. This Halloween wasn't thought out at all for me!

Mama Rose - Our cats steal the girls crocheted wool balls all the time! How funny!

Hip Mountain Mama - Thank you! K actually got a new version of those shoes last week (she just outgrew the red ones) I will have to post a pic just for you!

Renee - A sweet knitted pumpkin sounds perfect and just right!

Carrie - Oh I miss our catnip plants! We had so many in VA. I will need to grow some here in the spring. Our cats loved that catnip more than any other, I bet yours will, too!

Betty Bohemian - How funny!!

Beth - Thank you!

Kris - Welcome! Thank you for your kind words! I look forward to seeing you around!!

Simple Mama - Thank you! The fairy was actually made by someone on Etsy. I forgot who, now. We won her a couple years ago in that playroom contest.

Thanks again everyone! Have a great weekend!!

5orangepotatoes said...

I love the little cork guy. My youngest loves little things that fit in her hands and would love him. Such a creative mama you are!


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