Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Travel Log : Day 8 - Wyoming & Utah

We didn't make any stops on this day (other than the necessary potty breaks for everyone) so we flew through Wyoming and Utah. Even so, I still have plenty of pictures from the day.

I opened the curtains to this sign when we first woke up in our hotel room. I burst out laughing and C started pointing saying "Paw Paw, hee hee hee!!!"

Our trusty navigating tool.


Bhakti rode a good amount of the way in K's lap.


You might notice that we are wearing the same clothes in a lot of pictures. What can I say - life on the trail is a bit...rugged!

I absolutely adore this picture of C nursing. I don't seem to have enough of these. Those big baby blues looking up at me with such pureness and innocence just make me melt, every time.

Only a couple more days to go!! Happy trails!!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful nursing picture! I'm enjoying the photos of your trek as well :)

Joy said...

Nursing pics are my favorite. Thanks for sharing yours. :)

Kimara said...

It has been so much fun watching your progress. It will be interesting to see what memories the children can remember... although I think in some corner of their brain, they'll remember all of it... and be wiser and more enlightened because of these experiences... even if they forget the details. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Melanie said...

Oh, you're almost here! It's been fun seeing bits of your adventure. We've had lovely weather so far this week (after a very rainy holiday weekend) and I think a trip to the beach is in our plans in the next couple of days. Hope you have smooth travels until your journey's end.

Anonymous said...

i <3 your nursing photo. reminds me i need to take more of them.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone! Kimara - I hope that is true, thank you!!!

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