Thursday, August 27, 2009

Travel Log: Day 1

Sneaking in a late WIP Wednesday shot

Day one (Wednesday) was extremely short. We didn't end up leaving the area until around 5pm. Of course, we didn't even make it out of the state of Virginia, but the fact that we were finally leaving made that ok with us.

I have some yarn in need of winding to attend to (in my concocted set up version 2 - the hotel bathroom) so please allow me to let the pictures speak for our first day on the road...

One last photo session with Grandma

U-Haul play

C's organic puffed corn mess


I will try to post photos of today (day two of our journey) tomorrow night. Until then...



TheSingingBird said...

wishing you a safe and happy journey :)

Prairie Girl said...

oh wow - updates from the road. Uber impressed over here!

Hope the trip goes quickly and safely for everyone!

Jessica said...

I hope the trip is going well!

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