Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WIP Wednesday & Rainbow Wednesday, too!

One quick rainbow week addition (only one because I have an excessive amount of WIP pics!)

Push toy

For WIP Wednesday

Still knitting K's birthday sweater on and off. I started sewing her 'Night night baby' the other night. This is a doll she has had and loved for a long time and I ruined it a few months back. I soaked it in water and it was stuffed with millet... Do I need to say more? I am now finally getting around to making her a new one. She doesn't know what happened to her old one. I am hoping to pull it off as a 'look what I found while packing' surprise.
I made 2 more ornaments out of the leftover yarn I dyed for C baby's sleepy sack.

A little love ornament. This one is a surprise ;)

I made up this mini hat pattern and posted it on ravelry. I think next time I will make the edge ribbed with k2, p2 though.

Mini hat ornament to match mini mittens

Both of our Oregon trail bonnets are done!

The ribbon for C's bonnet arrived in the mail over the weekend. I love them both. The pattern had 3 sizes - baby, child and adult. I was afraid the baby size would be too small for C and I think it's always better to have things to grow in to so I made both C's and K's in the child size. Since the toadstool fabric was one direction I had to cut the pattern in half and make it in 2 parts. I only wish that I had made the toadstools face the other way on the brim. Oh well. It's still cute!
I have to thank Grace for posting this bonnet pattern and her sweet baby wearing the one she made. I had wanted a bonnet pattern for our trip but couldn't find one. Thank you Grace!!

These pics are from when the girls just woke up and still in their pjs, so forgive the sleepy eyes.

My poor baby got attacked by mosquitoes in her sleep. This bonnet is so cute on her though!

Side view to see the cute toadstools.

K wanted her bonnet in the cherry fabric we used for her Summer tablecloth, which worked out perfect because I had just enough of it left. She requested pale blue for the inside and trim. I love her color combination. It looks very sweet on her.

K being shy

Inside view

I hope everyone is enjoying rainbow week! Happy creating!



Joy said...

Those bonnets are just adorable! As are the mitten, actually. Cute creating going on at your house. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know which I love more - red mushrooms or cherries! :-) ADORABLE - both the bonnets and models. You're all certain to have happy trails in those!!!

tamlovesran said...

Lovely images!

waldorfmama said...

what cute bonnets, nicole! and love the little ornaments, too. :)

Rae said...

adorable fabric. I like blog!

Marina said...

Those bonnets are to die for! Would it be SO wrong if I made some for my boys;} ??? Fabulous job on them!

... and you know I am always in awe of your knitting talents :D

Kyrie said...

They are just darling in their bonnets!! I have some in the works here, too. (I got that pattern to make a bonnet for Bunny on her first Easter!)

Are you in the midst of packing yet? Thinking of you-

xo, K

Cristina said...

Such cute sun bonnets! I have always loved "Sun Bonnet Sue" you find on quilts and vintage fabric. K's pic reminded me of that :)

Jessica said...

Cute as can be! All of it and those adorable girls of yours. :)

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you! <3
Kyrie - We are indeed in the midst of packing madness! Kevin leaves Monday to go to Oregon for house hunting, eeeeeeeeeek!! So I have to do a lot by myself. Ov vey!

I apologize for my short replies, but the boxes are calling to me!

Melissa said...

Great bonnets, I love them! Oh, if only I were having a girl this time ;o)

Grace said...

So cute, and thank you! You are so sweet.


Anonymous said...

Love your bonnets very favorite is the wee mushrooms. x

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you!!
The toadstool one is my favorite, too. :)

christine ~ ourdayourjourney said...

i love the little bonnets and the ornaments are so cute. learning to sew and knit. it's on my list.

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