Wednesday, July 22, 2009

WIP Wednesday: Distractions

I have been finding myself crafting a lot lately. Not because I have things I really need to make, but because I need the sweet distraction from all the madness going on in our lives. The stress over the move is really getting to me. Apparently we can only afford a double wide trailer home in Oregon...(and there's nothing wrong with those, it's just not what we were expecting!)
Kevin will be flying there soon to look at homes b/c neither of us can believe that.
We don't have a lot of money or anything but the cost of living there is the same as it is here, actually it's slightly less so something isn't right. *sigh*

Anyways, on to the distractions.

Since making the ornaments for that special project I am now obsessed with knitting tiny things to hang on trees... case in point:

mini tree mittens

mini tree mittens take 2

Both were knit out of leftover sock yarn from socks I knitted K in the past. So not only are they cute but I get to use up some leftovers which is always a plus.

Last year I started a tradition of knitting a sweater for the girl's birthdays. I am trying to keep it going every year. K had a simple blue sweater for her first one and C got her sheep cardigan. We try and keep the presents to a minimum and made by us so the sweaters are perfect. K loves her mama made knitted goods too so it's a win-win situation. Even though it is only July I started working on K's birthday sweater for September. I thought this would be a good road trip project, too so I am in no rush to finish it. The yarn is malabrigo so it is so very soft. I know K will love it.

K's birthday sweater

Here's a little peek at part of my 'Oregon Trail' project. Thanks to Marina and her amazing package I am back to my sewing machine. I finished up K's and C's is 99% done but I am waiting on some ribbon I ordered to come in the mail. K requested I make one for myself, too. I told her I would if I had the time....

Now back to my distractions! Happy creating!



Kimberley said...

I knew it! How can you head out into the wild blue yonder without a Laura-approved bonnet! The funny thing is that I made one last night for a little baby in our lives and my Mia asked me to make one for her too! Better get sewing!

Unknown said...

love the bonnet! hehe

yeah, the pnw has gotten pricier as people moved out of other areas to up there. used to be super inexpensive, but now buying a house in portland is just insane. my sister and her wife bought their's for 90k 11 years ago and now it's worth almost 400k...*sigh* that's one of the bigger reasons why we ended up here. beaverton has alot of apartments and condos from what my sister has told me. i'm sure the outskirts will have more of what you are looking for. keep your chin up, you'll find a place..:)

i think the girls need laura bonnets. LOL need to get that pattern and start sewing i suppose...;)

eringoodman said...

those little mittens are just adorable.

and the bonnet...oh my! i was just thinking the other day that my chicken-tending girl needs a good bonnet!!

Kelly said...

What lovely mittens! Beautiful knitting.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Your latest projects are adorable, as usual! I didn't get any sewing done today, since we decided to do some major rearranging in our house. Nice thing is that now my fabric is closer to my actual sewing space. Still not in the same room, but at least on the same floor of the house. Much easier access!

Marina said...

oooh, those mitten absolutely make me *drool*... will you puhlease show me someday how you knit with such tiny needles? I just can't get my head around it! I'm so glad the fabric is being put to such adorable use... please share photos of the girls in their bonnets, pretty please???

I'm so sorry that you are going through the stress of moving and househunting... I'll throw some good thoughts out into the universe for you, good things happen to great people and you're one of the best <3!

Grace said...

Cute bonnet! And I love the mitten ornaments!

FrontierDreams said...

kimberley- exactly! thats how i feel :P they just NEED bonnets!!

cat- thanks. we are looking farther away from beaverton closer to milwauke for the school there (not too far but far enough to have some land) but it's still crazy. if all else fails we'll just rent again while living there but we are so sick of renting, kwim? mayeb i can move in with jill, lol.

erin- awww! yes she does! one with hens on it <3

kelly- thanks!

renee- i know what you mean. my sewing machine is at the kitchen table and my fabric and notions are upstairs in the closet. i'm hoping to have a sewing area in the next house *fingers crossed*

marina- i would LOVE to show you someday. we'll have to plan a meet up of some kind while i'm on the west coast ;) i will post pics of the girls in their bonnets for sure! once they are complete though ;) thank you for the good thoughts!! you are so sweet <3

grace- thank you! the bonnets are thanks to you, as well! i needed a bonnet pattern and then you posted the one you made for your sweet fiona,it was perfect!! thank you! (and thank you for the yarn inspiration for k's birthday sweater too)

Anonymous said...

We're getting ready to house hunt, too. Stressful and exciting. Here's some faerie dust that leads you to the *perfect* spot that fuels your creative fires and soothes your family's soul! *o*o*o*o*o*o*o*

Anonymous said...

We're getting ready to house hunt, too. Stressful and exciting. Here's some faerie dust that leads you to the *perfect* spot that fuels your creative fires and soothes your family's soul! *o*o*o*o*o*o*o*

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