Friday, July 10, 2009

a Sweet Surprise...and a little help, please?

Just to lift our spirits. Midnight Batsy (aka: Jabba the Cat) is almost as big as K! He actually does love K a lot, he's just not showing it so much in this photo!

C has had a fever the past couple of days so it's been a bit chaotic and cabin fever is setting in a bit. I hope it will be gone soon and we can get back out. My poor thing! Needless to say this will be brief.

I have to share the most amazing surprise that arrived at my door the other day. My friend Marina sent me this goodness -

yum, yum! Not pictured are some sweet pea seeds and yummy,yummy tea (the girls ran off with both on me)

Oh my goodness!!! Boy, does she know what I love, I am in Heaven! I already know what I am doing with the sweet pink mushroom fabric. I am just waiting on the pattern to arrive in the mail, but it will be something special for our trip on the Oregon Trail *wink, wink* Would you believe I have been drooling over all the different fabrics included in this package on Etsy?! How on earth did she know?! *faint*
Thank you, thank you Marina! I don't deserve such kindness, you are so incredibly sweet!! I don't know what I'd do without you!!

If you haven't already done so, please check out the Seasons Round nature table exchange. There are about 60 of us signed up now (the max is 100) and the deadline to join for the fall: harvest swap is this Wednesday the 15th. I already know what I am making and I am starting on it now so that I can mail it before we move.

Speaking of the move, we will know soon exactly when it will be. I haven't mentioned it on here but my husband Kevin has been gone for the past 2 months for schooling. It's just been the girls, fur babies and I. He comes back next week and as soon as he does we start the fun 'out processing' on base. That's when we'll find out our exact moving date. More than likely it will be early August, though.

I've got to get back to my sick little one but I will leave you with how I found her napping the other day.

Notice her C baby way up at the top of the bed... that's where I left C when I put her down for her nap. When I came to check on her a little bit later she was all the way at the end of the bed, passed out, happy as could be.

Sweet little feet, just because!
I'm starting to freak out a bit about our move and not having a place to live when we get to Oregon. Does anyone know of any real estate websites for Beaverton and it's surrounding areas (and happen to know what areas might have waldorf families?)? Thanks in advance!



Kimberley said...

WOW! What a lucky lady you are! A perfect pick-me-up after sooooo much time as a single mama! That is hard (hard!) work! The fabric looks lovely--I am envisioning Little House inspired bonnets....

Kyrie said...

Nicole, are you guys looking to buy or rent? Email me, I have some suggestions for you.

xox, K

(ps the cuteness in this post! Eeek!)

Kyrie said...

pps, Thanks for mentioning the exchange! I'm excited! :)

xo, K

Unknown said...

my sister lives in beaverton, so i'll ask her..:)

lucky duck!! marina is the best! :)

Marina said...

aww Nicole, you are waayyy too sweet!


So glad you liked the stash! I am so in love with my 3 boys, but sometimes the need for pink is just undeniable so I am thrilled that I can indulge with you and your adorable girls! Thanks for YOUR friendship, you're the best!

mamaraby said...

Love the picture of your little sleeping beauty - such cute feet!

Anonymous said...

That Marina! She's someone very special. :-) It sounds like people have good leads for you here, but I've had great luck with asking questions like this of the mamas on the discussion forum. There's a tribe for Washington & Oregon state. Women there are really helpful and there are tons of folks from the Portland area on line. Wishing you all the best as you begin this exciting new adventure!

Joy said...

I'm SO glad you mentioned Seasons Round. I had intended to sign up then got distracted by this trip to MA. I just signed up right now so I wouldn't forget. Thanks again and good luck with all the activity around your move. :)

Melanie said...

I know that my sis and her husband (who are moving to Beaverton in two weeks) found their adorable vintage bungalow on craigslist, but I will ask her if they checked into any other property management places or reality places.

Still Life in South America said...

What a beautiful and sweet gift. It just *looks* like you, too.

When I read posts like this, it makes me anxious to help out. Wish I could help you pack up everything. I know I'm just a stranger in the blogosphere, but it sounds like a lot of work. I hope they are providing you with packers and movers.

I wish you luck. Thanks for sharing the sweet footsies. Love those green knit pants, too!

FrontierDreams said...

thank you everyone for your help! you are so kind to take the time for me and i can not say how grateful i am!
we are slowly taking the first steps to finding a home *hopefully* soon!
i need to get back to my baby but thank you again so much!! <3

Aimee said... is a good starting point

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