Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Root Children Appeared!

...and I am still behind. Ughhhh. Will we ever get better? Anyway, let's just enjoy Spring time!

Mother Earth woke up the root children and they came up from their winter home Saturday morning. Here is our root child waiting for the girls on our kitchen table in front of the festivity stand. When the girls see her they know Spring is officially here. We got this root child from Syrendell on Etsy. I saw it in their flickr photostream and knew it was the perfect thing to announce Spring! We have a tiny obsession here with 'The Story of the Root Children' just like we do with 'Starmoney'. It is one of our absolute favorite stories.

We looked out the back window to see a basket and spring colored playcloth waiting for the girls (C is too little to carry one yet so K did all the work).

A happy gnome hanging out on the garden fence waiting to be found

More goodies waiting

I am sad to say there was nothing handmade by me this year. With all the preparations for C's birthday next month (making her birthday crown, a birthday crown to match for her 1st baby doll,designing and then knitting a sleepy sack for her baby doll,finishing her sheep yoke neck cardigan, and so much more!), I just didn't have the time or energy. Next year should be back to normal.

We put up our root children light,and took down the star money one.

K baby got dressed to celebrate the season, too!

K picked me a bouquet of 'flowers',that melted my heart!

I have lots more pics to add of our nature tables and how we celebrated Springs arrival (hint it involves gardening!) but I will post those a bit later since this post is all ready overwhelmed with pics!
Happy Spring everyone!!



Joy said...

I love the root child. Thanks for the link. She has some wonderful yarn my daughter would love as well. Happy spring to you and your family!

Jenna said...

I love that idea! Happy spring to you all!
ps--we have the same sprite and gnome too :-)

dongdong said...

So cute (root child). What a wonderful way to announce spring.

Angela said...

i really like your root children light. lovely! yay for spring and all things awakening!

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks everyone! Isn't that root child the cutest? I can't say enough good things,too about that Etsy shop! :)
Happy Spring!!!!

Tan Family said...

Thank you for featuring the root child (Syrendell sprite)! What a nice way to honor spring. We love the bunny outfit on the doll and the gnome!

Lizz said...


Holistic Mommy said...

Oh the root children! It is that time of year isn't it? I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in a Waldorf kingergarten classroom a few years back to learn about different educational models. I fell in love with the Waldorf approach.
I'm happy to have come across your blog as it is just the inspiration I need in the setting up of this new chapter of my life... If that doesn't make any sense to you, just know that I will be visiting here frequently and gaining a lot from it! Thank you!

FrontierDreams said...

Oh you are so sweet! Welcome! I look forwardto hearing from you more :)
Aren't the kindergartens the best?!

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