Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beauty,Crafts and Clutter

Odd combination, huh? First: Beauty.

Here are the other 2 rotating prints we have. (The first one I posted here ) These ones are hanging up in our playroom. They are in the merati (I think that's what they called it) frames while the one in K's room is in the birch frame. I am hoping to get the squirrel print someday to go with these.

The clutter on my blog has finally gotten to me! So don't mind as I redo,remove and clear up around here. There are some things I don't even know why I put them up here :p I mean who needs to know my post-preggo weight loss really? Besides I lost all that about 6 months ago. Tee hee. Then theres the 'followers' section on my blog. I noticed a lot of people had this on their blog so I just went ahead and added it but then I started thinking about it and really why do I need that on here? For me personally it feels like it's saying 'Hey look at me, I think I am important!'. I love everyone who even bothers to see my silly little blog,and feel honored anyone would even want to check it out <3 but I can admire all of them from my dashboard on here. I don't know, maybe I'm being silly and I don't feel this way about other people that have it on their blogs, but for me it just bugs me and feels like a vanity thing, kwim?

Along with that going on is the usual knitting. I knitted some toasties the other day. They knit up fast (just a couple hours) and are so warm amd cute! I'm starting my Odessa hat to match them soon. Can you believe that in my 3 years of knitting those toasties were the first thing I ever made for myself?!
I have so much I want to knit for the girls mostly but a couple things for myself too. I guess I should add on the buttons and finish weaving in the ends on C's birthday sheep yoke neck cardigan. but I have other important things to get done to...
check out this wool felt and fabric for C's birthday crown (fabric is for covering the elastic in the back of the crown)!! Very Spring looking,no? Can you believe in only 2 months she will be 1?!

Then this spring fabric to make the table cloth for the birthday table

K's birthday crown was featured on Gossamer Thistledown blog last month :) Thats where I get the most lovely wool felt from. Every time I look at those pics I am reminded to change the embroidery thread color around the crown. The white still feels to bright and contrasting to me. Any thoughts on what color to change it to?

I plan on posting a tutorial on how I make my birthday crowns as I make C's. I didn't find a pattern I really liked so I made my own. Be on the lookout for that!



Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the crown tutorial!! K's is awesome! :-)

mamaraby said...

I love the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

i heart the spring colored wool felt pieces!

Anonymous said...

Dark green would be a nice color to use on the crown :)

Anonymous said...

Do you sell these (on Etsy or anywhere else)? I would love to see you make a pink girly one!!!

Joy said...

Everywhere I go the rotating pictures follow me. Gorgeous!

RunninL8 said...

HI there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've noticed your profile pic around-I LOVE nests!- and kept meaning to stop by! Let me know how your Alaska plans pan out! The Aurora Waldorf school is WONDERFUL! But we've come to the sad realization that there's no way we can afford full time tuition. :(
We actually will be checking out The Winterberry Waldorf Charter school tomorrow. It's part of the school district and therefore free.

I need to do some cleaning up on my blog as well-thanks for the inspiration!

RunninL8 said...

And my daughter has the same fairy bower over her bed in the corner of the room! it is just the prettiest thing!

Lizz said...

Spring cleaning!


FrontierDreams said...

Thanks ladies :) you can get that beautiful wool from gossamer thistledown's etsy site. she's great to work with!

stephanie- thank you! dark green sounds lovely! still enough to contrast and be an embellishment but not so contrasting ittakes away from thecrown. thank you!!

hope- no i am not currently selling them. i plan on eventually opening up an etsy shop but that probably won't be for some time still. i'm still balancing and trying to find time whenever i can just to do things for the girls. tee hee.

joy- tee hee. did you see waldorfmama's too? she has the squirrel one i've been drooling over forever!

runninl8- welcome! and yaya for another bird nest lover!! that nest is even more special to me than all the others i have found. i posted about it here: i have it in my kitchen to look at every day.
i will keep you updated on our moving plans! we are hoping for tuition assistance but i know we can't count on it :( that charter school sounds wonderful!! if we are fortunate enough to move to alaska i will be talking to you more about it for sure!!
and tee hee about the fairy bower. isn't it so sweet?!

lizz- yes yes!! <3

Rebecca said...

K's crown is beautiful! I think a soft yellow would be very nice for the edging.
Can't wait to see C's!

Anonymous said...

Funny that we chose the same fabric for the spring table! Love K's crown and I wouldn't change the embroidery! Can't wait to see your tutorial as I have a May birthday coming up.

~Kris said...

I love K's crown, white border stitch and all!

I can't wait to see how C's comes out. And thanks for the link on where to get wool, i have 2 to make for June!

Unknown said...

oh and i are so much alike in our love of the types of fabric we it!!!

Kimberley said...

I can't wait to see the new spring crown! Those rotating pictures seem to be following me too! Maybe its a sign that I need one in my home too! ha!

Please post pics of the sheep cardigan soon! I cannot wait to see it!

I know what you mean about knitting for others first...I am making socks for myself (I have 1 done), but they always get put on the back burner while I craft for the kids!

Thinking spring here in an ice storm....

FrontierDreams said...

You ladies are so sweet!! <3
I'm so happy I found all ofthat spring fabric.

Kimberley- it's good to know i'm not the only knitter who knits for everyone but herself first,tee hee.
I'll post pics of the cardigan as soon as I finish up those last minute details :)
Sending you some of our warmth!

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