Sunday, February 8, 2009

moving forwards...and yet backwards

I decided that C needed a sheep yoke neck cardigan to wear for her 1st birthday (along with a matching knitted dress and sheep booties). To me this is slightly insane b/c I have never done stranded work or followed a chart. I started a couple days ago and after a lot of help from the wonderful ladies at ravelry I am well on my way. I am really excited to be conquering a new knitting skill and can't wait to make my own charts to add designs into everything. So here I am expanding my skills and moving forward but yet today I realized I need to go backwards a bit. I goofed up the flower pattern in the cardigan by not reading the fine print on the next page after the chart so I have to rip out what I have done up to the top of the flowers and start over. That slightly stresses me out but at the same time it's not that bad because I understand what I am doing now so it will be a fast re-do. Woo hoo!! Sorry,that was all kind of boring huh?

I knitted up some baby legwarmers for C a few days ago and they came out cute. I wanted to make them a bit taller but that was all the yarn I had in that colorway but they are perfect for her. They are long enough for her now and will work great for the next baby. The woman that designed the pattern asked my permission to use this pic on her pattern page <3
chubba chubba

K fell asleep on the couch with her Fiona bear the other night.



Kimberley said...

Oh I LOVE your stitch markers! The sweater sounds great--and a little too complicated for me! Good work! The leg warmies (and chubby baby thighs) are great...and a little girl sleeping on the couch--all good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

Doula Mommy said...

Cute as always! I made my first Clapotis about a month ago, and as tedious as it was, I think it also really improved my knitting. I had to start it over so many times. but so happy now it's done!
So, when are we going to get together? You want to meet and knit one night this week?

Anonymous said...

That cardigan looks adorable! Colorwork is something that I haven't tried in my knitting, yet. I admire your jumping into it!

Marina said...

That cardigan looks scrumptious and those stitch counters are to-die-for (that's what they are aren't they? not just some cute earrings ;} ?)

Just stop with all that C cuteness... my goodness those thighs... Y-UM!

Come on over, I have something for you...

FrontierDreams said...

kimberley- thanks ;) i have a weakness for chubby baby thighs!tee hee aren't those stitch markers so sweet? i'll have to look and see who made them but they are from Etsy and are hand blown glass.

jessica YES!! emailing you!

atouria- now that i've got it semi-figured out it's really not that bad at all. i think you should dive in :) i'm bad though, i completely jump blindly!

marina- yes they are stitch markers :p <3 you are so sweet <3 get ready for some more ear pains,it's lost night!! tee hee.

Anonymous said...

oh nicole it the sweater is going to be amazing. you're inspiring me to get knitty!

FrontierDreams said...

hillary :p do it! :) ive screwed the sweater up a couple mroe times but i *think* i'm back on track now

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