Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday is 'Outward' Day

Funny name for the day, I know. This is our day to get out of the house. The first Tuesday of every month we have Le Leache League meetings,the last Tuesday of every month we have circle time at Kinderhaus and the Tuedays in between we have story time at the library. We also run errands on this day and try to get together with friends. Today we literally spent the entire day out of the house first at the park with our friends from a couple streets over,then lunch then back to the park with some other friends,errands, and then back home for dinner. Phew! I am a real home body and K is the same way so we really like just having this one day to leave to keep our sanity.
We get groceries on Tuesdays as well. K loves that when we are all done shopping(to get all our groceries we have to go to 3 different grocery stores) we sing:

"To market
to market
to buy a plum cake.
Home again
home again
for C's sake.

To market
to market
to buy a plum bun.
Home again
home again
market is DONE!"

We don't have any pictures for today, I meant to get some at the park but my camera was acting up.

Tomorrows day will be more fun and interesting I promise :)

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