Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Summer go away! Autumn come and play!

There's a sneak peek at K's almost finished crown ;) Its less than 2 week until K's birthday. I am almost done with her crown but made a mistake so I am waiting on some more felt to come in the mail to fix it. Fingers crossed it comes in time!

Ok maybe I shouldn't be that mean to summer but man I am so sick of the heat! I want my nice cool crisp autumn days. well, I won't get them here, VA doesn't get that cool til winter but still *cooler* days than what we have been having would be very nice!! LOL

Anyways, to close up the summer season I thought I'd post some summer pics I haven't gotten around to putting up here yet.

1st..here's our kitchen window sill. Yummy tomatoes all lined up. These were picked before their prime by a wandering toddler hand while her Mama was busy hanging laundry on the line.

Next some crafty moments with K.

She loves her window crayons. It's hard to get a photo of the drawings on the window but hopefully you can kind of see them here:

She's been painting a lot lately too (the wet on wet method,of course).

Here K is a couple weeks ago picking tomatoes and radishes out of the garden. Paw Paw enjoyed tearing them to pieces. This pic reminds me of little red riding hood and the big bad wolf! LOL
On a side note, thats was my dress from when I was little!

C just being her cute self!



lori said...

that pic of c is darling! and k is such an artist already, she looks like she really enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! The girls are so sweet :) Love the smiles from C!

Unknown said...

so cute...:) miss you nicole...but the girls look as gorgeous as ever..:)

Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Can't wait to see the completed crown! It's looking great, and I LOVE that squirrel! The picture of your DD in the red polka dot dress with your dog is hilarious. So cute. You should frame that one.

FrontierDreams said...

Thanks everyone :) :)

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