Thursday, April 24, 2008

soaker? longies? booties?

The weather is warming up here which means more outside time! K is still dressing herself...

Waking up to this!

Super comfy in her sling home.

sticking out her tongue wearing her booties

comfy sleep. Unlike K, C doesn't like to be swaddled.

Looks like a scream but is actually a yawn!

This ridiculously HUGE wool diaper cover in these pics is supposed to be a soaker! It fits her like longies though. It's a size newborn to which makes it even funnier. I am going to felt it today so it should fit a bit better.
Her booties I knit her are finally fitting a bit. They are still big but fit well enough. They look very cute on her.
She went out today in her sling, we had to go to the hospital to finalize her birth certificate. She was quite content in that sling. K was the star of labor and delivery though. everyone there loves her. She acts like she owns the place b/c she has basically grown up there coming with me sometimes when I volunteer.

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