Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Sprout is HERE! (long birth story)

Last Thursday I went in for my 40 week OB appt. I was told that I was measuring 3 weeks behind and that the baby was small with lots of amniotic fluid. Despite this the Dr. decided I was 'overdue' and scheduled me for an induction on Tuesday April 22nd. Needless to say I was not happy with this news. Theres no need to induce a baby who's not ready to come out,especially not at just 40 weeks!
Anyways with this news I told Little Sprout s/he had to come out this weekend. Lini would lift up my shirt and say "Little Sprout come out!" many times on Thursday and Friday. On Thursday we had a play date with some amazing mamas and they told me of some natural ways to help get my body ready for labor. So after the play date I ran to the health food store and picked up some red raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil capsules. I took the oil that night and then on Friday i planned on drinking 4-5 glasses of the tea. I drank 2 that day. That's as far as I got.
We had another play date with Fi and D'Anne Friday at the Blue Bird Gap Farm. It was great. I told D'Anne about my worries of Sprout coming before Tuesday and told her that hopefully I would be calling her this weekend (she was set to watch Lini when I go into labor). Let me just say here and I will say it again... just how AMAZING D'Anne is! <3 I am so fortunate to have her in my life!
Then we picked up Kevin from work and decided we would all take a nice walk to pick up his dry cleaning and drop off a movie at the library. Kevin pulled Lini in her red wagon and I walked Nara which was quite the workout! We are training her to walk by our side so you have to hold her there. She's a big strong dog,not easy to do!Anyways we walked her there and back and we had a puppy play date set at our house for when we got home with a neighbor's german shepard puppy. We met up with them and the dogs played in our backyard. I went inside for a second to use the bathroom and my water broke but only slightly so I wasn't 100% sure. This was at 6:00pm. I walked to the backdoor and said 'I think my water just broke. But it'll be a few hours before anything happens so let the pups keep playing!'. I then went back in and called D'Anne to let her know what was happening and then called my friend Amanda to ask her if she thought that really was my water breaking. Well, I knew for sure about an hour later b/c I was sitting in fron of Lini on her potty reading her 'The Children of the Forest' and all the sudden I was in a big puddle. LOL. Lini thought I peed myself and was very confused. I noticed my amniotic fluid was tinted a bit green though so I knew we'd probably have to go into the hospital sooner than I wanted to. I finished packing my things and then went upstairs to try and deal with the contractions in a nice warm bath while Kevin and Lini had some dinner.After my bath my contractions were already close together and pretty intense so we called D'Anne to meet us at the hospital and left to go. That was around 9:30. When we got in there I was in a good amount of pain. They checked and I was already 6 cm dilated. I couldn't believe it. The nurse checked and said that there was indeed Meconium in the amniotic fluid so she called the ped dr in to be ready for when sprout was born. D'Aanne arrived shortly afterwards and took Lini to the waiting room. I wanted Lini to be there for the birth but then once I was dealing with the pain I decided it would be better for her not to be there until after the baby was born. I didn't want her to worry about me when she saw me in pain. The nurses were all great about my birth plan the dr on call, on the other hand, was not to happy about it. Apparently drug free births aren't easy for dr's. BUT luckily the dr only is there to catch the baby basically so it wasn't too big of a deal. By 11pm I said I had to push and they checked me and said I was at 9cm so I had to wait a couple more minutes. But after just 1 or 2 more contractions I was ready. It took only 6 minutes of pushing and Sprout was born. IT'S A GIRL!! Just like Lini has been telling us along. They had to cut the cord right away so the ped dr could suction out her lungs and tummy right away. She pooed more after she came out too.Luckily what she did poo in the womb wasn't too bad and was thin so it didn't get in her system. Kevin got D'Anne and Lini to come in, Lini had just fallen asleep so she was a bit out of it but then was excited to see her baby sister. Sprout got Lini a baby doll so we gave that to Lini then too. She named her Sita. Sprout nursed right away and nursed for almost 2 hours before they took her back to bath her,measure her,etc.
Her stats were:
7 lbs 12oz, 21" long, Blue eyes and dark hair
Born at 11:10pm on April 18,2008

She weighed 3 ounces more than Lini but was 1" shorter.

ok this is a lot to say! I'll bbl with more info and pics!



Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

What a pretty baby Nicole! Congratulations on your new daughter! :) Love you.

Jaime said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations Nicole!

Julie M> said...

How adorable! And what a sweet little nurser :) Cant wait to meet her!

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