Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late pics of Winter Crafts

You saw the felted acorn necklace a few posts back and I don't have a pic of her tree blocks yet but heres 2 other things I made her:

1st is a sweet little waldorf baby boy
(pattern from Joys Waldorf Dolls)with bunting outfit,hat,and cloth diaper. I have not been able to make his requires crocheting and i can't seem to do it so for right now his hat is attached to his head but I will at some point have someone make the hair or something. I also made a sling for him as well. I took lini to the fabric store and had her pic out her favorite fabric but didn't tell her what it was for,tee hee.

Then I made a night gown and matching cloth diaper for her K baby. My mother bought K some Pjs to wear X-mas eve so I figured her baby needed to have a new nightgown too :) K's new pjs were snowflakes and i wanted to try and match that theme but the fabric store didn't have any snowflake fabric! crazy right?! but K loved this snowman fabric so I got her that instead.

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