Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter is only 2 days away!

We actually leave for NY on the 1st day of winter so we decided to start transitioning our fall decorations into winter ones now. We won't finish before we leave but at least we started.

We hung up our window stars from last year on the back door (the circle ones) and made a new yellow window star for the center. We are going to make lots more of these window stars for the rest of the windows in the playroom when we get back.

Of course as you know our camera is broken so the pic of the stars didn't come out that great :(

Following a pattern from Martha Stewart I tried needle felting for the 1st time to make a necklace for the little one. It was meant to be a X-mas present but she found it early. It was a pain to make hole in the acorn caps without a drill and I split quite a few trying. Oh well. I am going to re-string the necklace for her,too when we get back.The thread was too thin and flimsy for the acorns.

I am getting things ready for our trip and figuring out what projects to bring to work on while I am there. More than likely just simple knitted ones that don't require my full attention. We are all very excited to get up to NY and see my family and play in the snow. We haven't been around snow in ages and lini has never really even experienced snow minus a few snowflakes here and there. She's looking forward to building a snowman,going sledding and swimming in Nana's hot tub.


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Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

Love the necklace, Nicole! So pretty!

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