Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Festival at Blue Bird Gap Farm last Saturday

Our local farm had a big fall festival last weekend and we went, spending 4 hours there! Yikes!! K was having so much fun that I lost track of time.

She decorated her own pumpkin, went on a hay ride, rolled a pumpkin, painted a rock, made a pinecone into a bird feeder, made a rosemary garland, met some alpacas and learned how to felt their wool. I think I had the most fun with the alpaca felting LOL. The woman that was there for the demonstration has her own alpaca farm and homeschooled her kids, so it was really great talking to her.

The highlight of the day for K, though, was her very first pony ride!!! She was beyond excited. We had to go twice. She's already got her Mother's love of horses in her. I promised her that when she is old enough, we'll start riding lessons. She was excited about that. She got to ride the pony wearing pink when we took these pics (D'Anne's husband was kind enough to take them for us). She was concentrating while she rode the pony so she has some pretty funny looks on her face. I walked beside her just in case she needed me.

K and Fiona had fun being monkeys trying to climb fences. K got to hear the turkeys 'sing', as she calls it, when they gobble. She LOVES the turkeys and does a really funny gobble sound herself.

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