Thursday, November 15, 2007

Beautiful weather, painting and loving life

The weather has been beautiful here the past couple of days; not too cold but not too warm either. K has been enjoying this. Yesterday we took advantage of the weather when the rest of her wet-on-wet painting supplies came in the mail and we went outside to paint. We also brought Midnight outside to enjoy the weather, but he just ended up being yelled at by birds nearby and ran inside. Our other kitty came out and joined us instead. She sat in the garden and watched us.

I am waiting on some knitting needles before I can make K's hat that goes with her scarf and mittens, so in the meantime, I am knitting Little Sprout some longies for when s/he is first born. I am about halfway done with those now. The picture posted is from a few days ago when I finished the waistband.

I took a picture this morning out of our living room window. Not the best picture, but just look at how beautiful the tree in front of the window is!! All the orange and reds in those leaves...Wow!

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