Friday, November 2, 2007

Autumn time fun!

FINALLY it's getting nice outside with brisk air and fallen leaves. I am so happy that summer is over. I realized this year that I absolutely can no longer stand the heat. I need a nice cold climate!

Here are a couple pictures of K's Autumn-time nature table. She did the artwork hanging behind it. It was a beautiful day out and we decided to grab a basket and hunt for leaves in the back yard. She got tons of them and glued them to cardstock.

We also hung leaves from her playstand's canopy to represent the falling leaves of the season.

Next weekend we are going to Williamsburg. We have a free weekend pass at Colonial Williamsburg and, now that it's nice and cool out, we thought we'd take advantage and go. We also have an event at Kinderhaus Toys in Williamsburg later that day. It's the Lantern Festival. We are making fall lanterns and then placing a candle in them and doing a little parade. K is looking forward to this very much and has been singing the lantern song with me
The sunlight fast is dwindling.
My little lamp needs kindling,
Let your beans shine far,
into the dark night,
Little lantern guard me
with your precious light.

She is also in love with this simple poem right now and knows about half of the words and acts them out.

Grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail
Grey squirrel, grey squirel swish your bushy tail
Wrinkle up your little nose
Hold a nut between your toes
Grey squirrel, grey squirrel swish your bushy tail

I also have to say that K has decided to really start her potty learning. It's been 9 days now of her using her potty without me even asking her to. When we are out she still uses a diaper. She seems to be afraid of the big pottys. She's doing great! We are proud of her!



Nancy said...

I realize I am commenting on a WAY old post but would love to know where you got your playstand from?
Thanks :)

FrontierDreams said...

LOL I got them from They are a small,wonderful,family run business :) HTH!

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