Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our newest family member!

Well, I am very behind lately. I have lots of pics to post from K's birthday party and other adventures, but for now here she is with our new kitten Midnight AKA Batsy. We got him last Sunday on our way back from PA at a stop at Gita-Nagari. We stopped mostly so K could see her grandmata Mother K but she was in New Vrindavan. We were able to see many wonderful friends though.

Midnight Batsy followed K everywhere and she was in love with him so we knew he had to come home with us. Poor guy has a lot of problems though. Farm life has been hard on his little body. We took him to the vet last Monday and he had ear mites and worms. The vet got rid of the mites and gave him his 1st dose of de-worming medication, but he still has another dose to go. That medicine causes him to be sick non-stop until the worms are out of him. Poor guy is in misery but still perks up whenever he sees K.


1 comment:

sxjohnson said...

Oh my, she's so adorable. She looks so happy w/ that little kitty. I can't wait to see the birthday pictures.

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