Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another gig for K

K appeared on the front page of the Under the Nile organic clothing company a few months back. This image is still running. She will be appearing in their fall line this year as well. I will post pics when that comes out. She landed this through my wonderful friend Cat (Love ya Cat!)

Above is a pic of K on the Kinderhaus website. (http://www.visitkinderhaustoys.com/ GO THERE!) It is a wonderful store--probably my favorite store--that sells Waldorf inspired toys. It is run by a wonderful friend of mine named Tiffeni (who I met through D'Anne). This Sunday we are going back there and K will be modeling some costumes they sell for their website. We are looking forward to this. The photo shoot will be at the store so she will be able to play with all the toys there :)

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