Sunday, August 21, 2016

Books, bookcases and homeschooling

the bookcase is finished this is how baby F feels about running 5ks with me those eyes *swoon* K's nightstand L's bug L's bug garden chamomile love in a mist purple prince my helper's tools trying to balance with big sister talking

After a few rough days around the house I decided to start homeschooling tomorrow instead of in September like I originally planned. I think all of my children, but the two oldest in particular, could really use the rhythm change. We are ridiculously behind with our schooling anyways so this will be good. I just dread all the work ahead of me and how Baby F will be during lessons (he is the reason we had to put homeschooling on hold in the first place). The girls also start AHG back up tomorrow as well. We are in for one hectic, transitional day for sure. Say a prayer for me, please!

In other news, I finished painting my bookcase. The blue turned out a lot lighter than the paint chip showed but I still really like it. I used a paint that had primer in it but it still ended up needing five coats. Next time I will just go ahead and buy a separate can of primer to speed things up. I really wanted to distress the bookcase but after doing all of those coats of paint I am afraid of how it will turn out. So for now I will just leave it as it is. I took that photograph of it before I moved it to it's new home at the end of our hallway. It really dark down there so I knew I wouldn't be able to capture it's color there.

Those books you see on the nightstand are K's current reads. She got fed up with the kids versions/re-telling of Robin Hood so we just went ahead and found the real thing. She is such a bookworm. I can't seem to keep her in books, she reads them so fast. I am rather picky about what she reads, too, making it that much harder to keep up a good supply. Classics are always good, though. She loves Anne of Green Gables and re-reads it regularly. I would LOVE any books suggestions you may have for her (5th grader, almost 11 years old and reading above her age level). I just purchased Lark Rise to Candleford to give to her on her birthday. I think she'll enjoy that.

Oh and you see that sweet, big-eyed, smiley baby? I took those photographs right after we finished a 5K run on base. The whole run he was either insanely happy or contently sleeping. This must be the secret to his happiness that I have been searching for for six months now - just keep running!! AND if you looks really close in that first photograph of him you can see his very first tooth popped through. His second one is on the way. 

One last thing - I wanted to apologize for falling so far behind on responding to comments. I am not ignoring you!! I am hoping to play catch up later this week.

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