Monday, July 4, 2016

Shepherding our Flock

Daddy time in the children's room
K's bookcase shelf
smiles endless cuddles with these two fluted swallowtail ack! hello! My sweet, fickle Baby F has come to the conclusion that he can only nurse if he is lying down in bed. While this new habit of his puts us in quite a pickle when we are out of the house, it has become a nice little break I look forward to throughout everyday life. I normally take the time to study my little miracle every time he nurses, taking in each little detail that could change by the next day. Babies just grow so fast! But lately, with our new nursing arrangement, I have taken to reading during some of his nursing sessions. I have tried this in the past with his favorite rocking chair nursing spot, but it never worked. He was just too squirmy in my arms. Now with him on the bed I can take a moment here or there to catch up on the reading I have been wanting to do (and some that I have been needing to do as well!). Those little moments add up fast. I finished The Shepherd's Life not too long ago and I am already wanting to read it again. James Rebanks has me even more in love with the idea of settling down on our homestead and really making a life for our children.

I then picked up Shepherding a Child's Heart  (apparently I was on a shepherd theme for a bit) from our local library after hearing some good reviews of it from parents. On a side note - I feel like parenting in general always has room for improvement and is something that takes a life of studying and analyzing. I don't think there is any wrong or right way and as children grow or as more children come into the family, adaptations and changes need to be made. I read it all the way to the end to give it a fair chance but it wasn't really in sync with the way Kevin and I choose to parent. However, reading it reminded me of a book I bought back in Oregon that I completely forgot about - Parenting with Grace. I have been devouring that book since I found it again, all dusty under my nightstand. It is giving me the encouragement I need to do the best I can each day. I think we all need books like that, don't you?!

On that note, I am off for a date night with Kevin. We are both trying a lot harder to make sure we find time for one another in our busy lives.

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