Monday, March 14, 2016

Family Run

I was hoping to post about Baby F's colic tonight and my personal journey of nursing with food allergies (and hey, a post about our friends' visit would be nice!) but it it'll have to wait until later in the week due to aforementioned baby with colic, internet issues and daylight savings time AKA thorn in my side. K reading K reading diapers Newborn diapers drying in the sun. Is there anything cuter?! knits tongue chubby cheeks

Say hello to my new running partner (sorry, Nara): running partner My view: my view I picked running back up today after months of going without. Of course the wind was incredibly strong making my first day back even harder but boy, it still felt good! I felt like a turtle in one of those old Warner Brothers cartoons. You know, the one where the turtle is all excited to race and he stretches his head out far to take off but his legs move in slow motion. Yeah, that was me. We actually did a family run (with Little L on his skuut) and even C and K were flying past me. I have a lot of catching up to do. Slowly but surely I will get my endurance back.

Speaking of C and K running, did I mention they ran in a 5k last month? They had so much fun. Our base hosts monthly 5k "fun runs". The 5ks are not competitive at all and really family friendly. We decided we would all do them each month. I never expected C and K to be into running, especially at their current ages, but they look forward to it. Perhaps because of my and Kevin's love of running (or really the stress relief that comes with it). Whatever their reason is, I am enjoying this new family activity.

With our very high hopes of getting K (and our other children) back to our beloved Portland Waldorf School in the near future, we have been keeping up with where her class is currently at (thanks to some of our friends who keep us in the loop). Well, not completely keeping up with pregnancy and now a new baby, but as close as we can get. Her class read My Side of the Mountain during the fall/winter and now K is reading it. I thought it would be a nice way of doing some of our school during my postpartum resting period. Of course that plan didn't actually happen and she is just now reading it. I have her read it out loud to Baby F and I but the book is so captivating that C and Little L come and join us, too. We end up begging her to read to us throughout the day. I think all four of us (maybe Baby F, too?!) can envision ourselves in Sam's (the main character) place. K has been taking mental notes of all of Sam's recipes, foraging tips, shelter building and so on. She tells me constantly that she wants to go visit Nana, Grandpa and her cousins in NY so she can run off to the Catskills and live in the woods like Sam did. I tell her only if I can come too! Even though this book is fiction, it reminds me a lot of Into the Wild. I can't say enough good things about it! I think we will have to get the other two books in the series after she finishes this one.

Oh and slightly random but the photos of K reading to Baby F reminded me that I wanted to share the diapers he has been wearing with all of you. My friend Elisa recommended them to me when Baby F was too small to fit into his newborn cloth diapers. They are called Naty by Nature Babycare and they are plastic-free! They are made from non-GMO corn and are completely breathable. I never knew such a disposable diaper existed. We have been using them along with his cloth diapers and he has not had one diaper rash yet.

I apologize for being all over the place. That seems to be the state of my brain at the moment.

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