Sunday, August 10, 2014

Continuing the house tour

knitting dreams Continuing where we left off on our little house tour - I present to you the other side of our living/family room as well as our front entryway with hall closet (because really that's part of living/family room anyways.) Just a little warning - A tight space coupled with a 50mm lens does not yield the best results. I'm sorry father, I tried...I tried. *Said with an Inigo Montoya voice*  I hope you can make sense of the pictures. piano and quilt ladder quilt ladder Remember that vintage barn ladder I was cleaning up? Well, it found it's home on the wall where Little L's block buckets used to be, and now holds our quilts. I really like it and I am happy our quilts no longer stay hidden in a closet. They deserve to be out in the open. Especially the one made by my Great Grandmother and Great Aunt.piano Our piano is located on the adjoining wall a few inches away from the quilt ladder. lavender drying for winter crafts We currently have some lavender drying out in a jar on the piano. We hope to use it this winter for some Christmas crafting. chickadee - dee This sweet little chickadee, made by my friend Katharine back in Oregon, sits in our tree. bird nest with feathers and K's needlefelted chick We also have an old bird nest we found back in Oregon nestled in the tree. It is filled with feathers we have found over the years as well as K's needlefelted chick in an egg. family portrait by Bley I am really excited about this painting we have hanging over our piano - finally a family portrait that includes me! It was painted by Bley of Bibliosophy. I love everything about it!
Saint Michael Now on to our entryway - Saint Michael hangs on our wall next to the coat closet, which is directly opposite our front door, so he is the first thing we see when we come home and the last thing we see when we leave. Behind him you can see a glimpse of our nature table (which is in that dark room I mentioned before that is in between our living/family room and our kitchen) and the door in our kitchen that leads to the back yard.
entrance hat rack handmade hat rack moths nature study The small wall that is the right of our coat closet has a handmade rack that we are currently using to hold the children's sun hats as well as two prints by Alice Cantrell. I love that they have identification cards to go with them so my children can learn a little bit about insects as they wait by the front door.

And there you have it. Another glimpse into our home. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Still more to come!

p.s. - That knitting picture is totally unrelated but I just had to add it as my dreams have been filled with that basket of yarn!

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