Sunday, July 6, 2014

"The BEST Day of my Whole Entire Life"

This post is pretty picture heavy so I will be light with my words. The post title pretty much says it all. It's a quote from K. We spent a simple, relaxing, family day at home for fourth of July and as we cuddled together in our tent at the end of the day she told me it was the best day of her whole entire life, and C was quick to agree. I felt it, too. It was one of those days you only read about in books. I made more of an effort that day to model desired behavior with my words and actions and it made quite an impact. Now if only I can keep it going! I noticed our happiness seemed to really come through my lens, too. Photographs really tell a story and reflect the mood. Please join me and see! edible wands edible wands yum! .:Edible wands:. breakfast .:Breakfast:. lazy summer day lazy summer day outside play .:Lazy summer day:. IMG_2960 the kiddos made and frosted their own cupcakes .:The children frosted cupcakes:. setting sun walk to the pond 4th of July dress 4th of July dress .:Nature walk:. sailing their boats sailing4th of July dress .:Sailing boats on the pond at dusk:. My blessings .:My greatest blessings:. love she loves him so .:She loves him so:. I adore this .:I am smitten with this photograph. It reminds me of images from the early homesteading days. K looks so strong, brave and nurturing in it:. new 4th of july dress 4th of july dress pockets pockets pockets happy pockets .:I somehow managed to sew new dresses for the girls:. walk Strong & True, I shall be. Each good deed sets me free... moon .:Heading home:. vegan s'mores lanterns IMG_3274 .:Fire, vegan s'mores and lanterns before we crashed out in our tent:.

p.s. - dresses were inspired by this one. I adore the fabric! K's was made with the sew on patch pockets and C's has the hidden pockets on the side seams.

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