Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sleep {or lack thereof}

sleep sleep a rare sight nowadays!

We have hit a new phase of three with Little L. It's called, "I don't need sleep and neither should you!" It has been going on for a couple of months now but it's really hitting me hard at the moment because Kevin isn't home at L's bedtime to put him down, and he won't be all summer. Little L has always  fallen asleep within a half hour for Kevin but for me it's a minimum of four hours. Kevin and I usually take turns with getting him down. I start him at the children's normal bedtime (six thirty) and end up staying in bed with him until ten or eleven at night. He plays outside all day long, and doesn't take a nap (hasn't since he was one so that isn't interfering with his sleep schedule.) He wakes between seven and eight each morning (same time he would wake up when he went to bed at six thirty.) He is a true lover of life and I think he doesn't want to miss out on a single moment of it. I pray this is a short phase. Maybe it just means he's getting ready to accomplish some big things, or something of that nature.

He still co-sleeps with us and someone suggested I should put him in his own room. I currently can't handle the idea of him being alone so we tried having him sleep with his sisters. That didn't work because he stays up too late for them and they end up getting me, explaining that they are too tired to try any longer (and boy do I know how they feel!) I am thinking of putting his mattress in our room but then I still have to figure out how to get him to fall asleep.

Honestly, I am just beside myself hence all the whining (sorry!!) The night time is my time to wind down, plan out our homeschooling, get a little knitting and/or sewing in and just exhale from the day's events. I can go a few days without that time to myself but weeks upon weeks run me down and I become somebody I don't like. I end up still trying to get thing done after he's asleep and then stay up until the wee hours of the morning, leaving myself drained and vulnerable for low patience.

I don't know, I appear to be rambling here. Do any of you have any sage wisdom you'd like to share on the matter? Really, anything! I am desperate for a good night's sleep and my old self back!

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