Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Quite popular

We have been quite the popular family these past few weeks. Purple Grandma just came to see us. We did a lot of traveling to Boise while she was here and discovered new places to explore there (I just wish it wasn't such a long drive away!) Lots of pictures to share from our adventures: bean construction bean construction from grandma A construction site filled with beans and a new excavator for Little L at Grandma's hotel. Need I say how many hours he spent with it?! reading with grandma Stories and snacks taking grandma's scooter for a ride in her hotel room The girls had way too much fun riding Grandma's scooter around. They thought helemts were important to wear just in case. Maybe they were thinking it would go as fast as a motorcycle? eating out at Shiok! Shiok! playground IMG_9414 On a side note: I get asked all the time if C and K are twins. It always baffles me because there is such a difference in height (amoungst other things) between them. Perhaps the confusion is from their love of matching clothes? Shiok! playground We enjoyed a couple of visits to our favorite restaurant (and only restaurant with vegan options within an hour's drive.) I love that they have a little playground outside for the kiddos to expend some energy one before sitting down to eat. distractions mini golf (1st time for the kiddos!) golfing The kiddos very first time mini golfing! C loved it, K enjoyed herself and L, mini golf well... L's golfing method golfing after a few tries with the putter, he decided that his hands work better for getting the ball in the hole. go kart with k go kart with C The girls had a blast riding go-karts with Daddy. L Little L, on the other hand, was not amused because he wasn't big enough to go on them. Poor guy. bumper boats He was able to go on the bumper boats, though. L's face cracks me up in this pic! His face in this picture cracks me up. He looks devious or something. He obviously thought it was hilarious to squirt Daddy with water... bumper boats Daddy thought it was pretty funny, too. clue clue clue Purple Grandma lived up to her name with a purple outfit on her last day here. The girls so love when she does that. They set up a scavenger hunt for her (inspired by our friends who visited a couple of weeks ago) to lead to a Mother's Day card. They had so much fun preparing it all and planning out every last detail. You should have seen the looks on their faces as Grandma figured out each clue. They love making things for others and get so much joy from seeing the recipient enjoy their creations. The gift to them truly is in the giving.The I hope they never lose that.

Purple Grandma is back on the east coast now and she is missed. The girls spent a good chunk of the evening that she left crying in my arm. Goodbyes are hard.

Now to get to work on getting these kiddos of mine back to their normal bedtime! Seriously though, they are normally asleep by seven and these past few nights it has been ten thirty or later. Ack!

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