Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hanging on with all our might!

welcome banner decorating welcome banner going crazy waiting for our friends bowling for C's birthday K learning to bowl bowling L bowling bowling birthday celebration #2 piggy for C made by one of our friends the guys snacking baby hugss'mores s'mores s'mores adventures water fun yellow headed black bird sunshine
C's birthday celebration continued for another week when our dear friends from Portland came out to visit us (really, they are more like family!) My children went bowling for the first time ever and had a blast. But we mostly spent our (much too) little time with them just playing at and around the house. When you have good friends to see you really don't need much else!

Pure bliss for me is simply having these seven amazing children in our little house. My heart was full. We are so very blessed to have such friends in our lives. I wish it could always be this way but for the next four years visits will just have to make do. We will hang on to those wonderful days with all our might until the next time...

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