Sunday, April 13, 2014

Passing the time (and experimental quilting)

K's mail to friends :( mud pie play mud pie time baking mud is ready! boiled button soup, bark chips and dip boiled buttons soup with bark chips and dip for their dolls SAR Kaze bird watchers IMG_7387 Warm weather has officially taken up residence here and what a welcome friend it has been. There is nothing like the warmth of the sun's rays on your face to clear up any uncertainties in life, not to mention help end a quarrel - You are unable to reach a compromise over who plays with which doll? Okay, let's go have some outside time and come back to it. Ah yes, I could get used to this!

We have been trying to find ways to pass the time while dealing with a rather uncomfortable situation. K has been busy sending mail to her friends back in Oregon, mud pie baking has commenced (even though we haven't set up the mud pie kitchen yet, they just make do with what they can find), K9 Search and Rescue training has become almost a daily event, and bird watching (near the girls' finished curtains) is becoming more frequent as the summer birds are already coming back - we saw a nighthawk and a yellow-headed blackbird just last week.

On another note, C's birthday quilt arrived over the weekend (thank you Thouraya!) and with it the beautiful leftover scraps. I am thinking of trying my hand at quilting with a pillowcase made from them for C's bed but have no clue where to begin. Pillowcases seem less overwhelming to me than an actual quilt (I still enjoy my experiment with log cabin quilting from this book.) The scraps are triangle shaped, any patterns or suggestions? I am excited to get started!

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