Sunday, February 2, 2014

Siblings and Candlemas

candlemas candle making candle makingcandle making C's candle candlemas (star lanterns) hand knits around our home around our home Around our home little ones little ones K the self-proclaimed "Queen of nature"

K the self-proclaimed "Queen of Nature" and her royal court.

Happy Candlemas everyone! After Mass and lunch we had a little down time making and decorating beeswax candles. Even Little L was able to partake. It was just the thing to get us through a day of exhaustion. The kiddos stayed up much too late the night before and I missed three running days in a row - which isn't good for any of us under this roof.

On Saturday night the girls just couldn't sleep. They came up with every reason possible to come out of their room. It was actually quite comical. At one point C had something very important to tell me that just could not wait for morning. She said, " K just told me that she is so very happy that she has me as her sister." I think I melted into a puddle when she said that. Then K added that if she had a different sister and she knew C as a friend, she would wish C was her sister instead. This is what I work so hard to achieve - this love and friendship that will last them long after Kevin and I are gone. I pray it continues to grow in this direction!

Speaking of siblings, I am excited to check out Sparkle Stories latest audiobook "Sibling Rivalry". It looks like just the thing we could use around here when some quiet time is needed.

Oh, and did you notice their hair bows? How could you not, right?! Look at the size of them! The girls have suddenly become obsessed with them. They stocked up the other day when a woman was selling them outside a local store. I think they are ridiculously adorable.


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