Monday, January 13, 2014

Red Fox

Red Fox Vest Red Fox Vest Red Fox Vest Wooly Moss Roots button Red Fox Vest Red Fox Vest Red Fox Vest Red Fox Vest

Sometimes I just need a garter stitch project. Something that looks completely handmade, like my Grandmother would have made for me as a child. This little vest fit the bill. I love the simplistic, rustic look it has. It's a welcome change from my usual  (but still loved) milo vests and looks so cozy on my little guy. I tend to squeeze him just a few times more when he's wearing it (as if I don't already squeeze him a thousand times a day.) He calls it his "Little Fox" vest and tells us all that he picked out the yarn, lest we forget.

I modified the pattern to fit (as it only went up to a 2t), and changed just a couple of things. You can see my detailed rav notes here. Cedar button handmade by my favorite button makers - Wooly Moss Roots. I need to move the button over a bit and sew it on tighter, if Little L ever takes it off so I can do so!

Oh and forgive the saggy pants -  It's hard being an almost three year old peanut without a diaper to hold your pants up for you!

p.s. - His hat is this pattern.

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