Sunday, December 15, 2013

Santa Lucia day in the morning (in our new home!!)

Last week our prayers were answered (thank you!) and our hearts were lifted. We found a safe, small temporary home here in Idaho. We knew as soon as we walked through the front door that this was just what we needed. Our children's faces proved it. The only catch is that it is a year long lease (we were hoping for a shorter one) and it's on base were Kevin works. That is moving us in the opposite direction of our frontier dream (tiny farm house on lots of land in the middle of nowhere) but the positives far outweigh the negatives (Did I mention that the house is small and warm?! Goodbye hats and coats indoors!) I have a feeling this move will bring nothing but blue skies from now on. their room The girls claimed their room the first day home! Just look at that smile! magpies, trees, blue skies - oh my! Magpies, trees, blue skies - oh my! K helping us move in by checking off the boxes IMG_0956 K learning about the business side of moving while in charge of checking off our belongings as the movers brought them in. The movers were great sports about it which was  a huge blessing. There are always opportunities for learning to be had! view out our window The view out our back/side windows toys unboxed Quick break from work when the curvy board came in our life in boxes life Our life for the next few weeks IMG_1009 store bought buns (since we were in the middle of moving) shoes on to go outside IMG_1081 boxes IMG_1096 piano Santa Lucia day was a beautiful break from unpacking. My children woke up early and made us buns. They were not the typical Lucia buns, since we didn't even have any kitchenware unpacked yet, but store bought cinnamon rolls rolled into the traditional S shape. Yep, compromises had to be made. I wish I had pictures of their procession into our bedroom but my camera was in the kitchen and I wasn't allowed out of bed. K led the way as the Lucia bride while our star boy L and Lucia maid C followed. Little L was singing along until he saw me then he dropped his star wand and booked it to the bed yelling "Uppy Mama!!" He watched the rest of the procession from my lap. After we enjoyed our buns the children and I went outside to snap our traditional Santa Lucia picture. The weather was too cold for them, though, so I ended up with a quick, blurry photograph with a couple of faces being made. That's okay though, it rather fits our life at the moment.

I finished Little L's pants and the girls' dresses the night before. I made up the pattern for the pants (and plan on sharing it with all of you) and used my easy "go to" pattern for the dresses - CLAIRE by Portabellopixie. I just modified it  to be long sleeved. The girls requested ruffles on the bottom of their dresses this year, so I obliged.

Speaking of Lucia crafts, K had some projects of her own.

IMG_1312 Lucia made from some of those melty beads... what are they called, again? It was our first time using them. Saint Lucia headband for C made by K
At C's request, K also knit a headband the night before. C wanted one just like the younger sister wore for Lucia day in Lucia, Saint of Light. I think it looks cute on her and should be left out year round. I am not so sure if my opinion counts on this matter, though. Last I checked K was pretty adamant about the headband and dresses being only for Santa Lucia day. She loves her traditions and the special things that go with them. I think I am right there with her!

ETA - For the headband K cast on 7 sts in worsted weight yarn on size 7 needles and knit in garter stitch until she felt it was a good length. She then cast off and sewed the two ends together to make a circle.

Amidst the unpacking and settling we have been busy creating Christmas crafts. I'll share our first one with you later this week! Happy Monday!!

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