Friday, December 13, 2013

Negative six, positively fun!

This post is more pictures than words due to my girls not going to bed until nearly ten o'clock! tumbleweed snowman tumbleweed snowman Building a tumbleweed snowman as we walk through the valley of tumbleweeds Carrying baby brother through the valley of tumbleweeds tumbleweeds one for baby brother, too tumbleweed tracks Tumbleweed tracks C belly sliding C belly sliding whoops! Whoops! all is well All is well! snow snow in idaho yum yum yum yum Tasting snow for the first time snow crawl snow crawl Snow crawl IMG_0435 Warming up outside, finally! Finally beginning to warm up!

I knew moving here that our new home was an arid, desert climate but what I didn't know was that we would have snow!! What a wonderful surprise. We think our friends back in Portland sent this first snowfall to us. They wore their pjs backwards and got an inch or so there. They tried wearing their pjs backwards again to get more snow the next day, but it came to us instead. Four inches worth! Thank you friends!!

Another thing I didn't realize was that the winters here are the coldest temperatures we have ever experienced (even being NY and PA natives!) The temperature was below zero for days, negative six being the coldest daytime temperature. We pretty much stayed in our hotel room keeping our outings to a minimum. My hair literally froze on the short walk to Mass.

The children have been taking advantage of this winter wonderland by going outside in short spurts and coming back in to warm up with hot cocoa or tea. I have been enjoying watching their fun. This is Little L's first time playing in snow. He seemed to enjoy eating it more than anything. He only lasted five minutes each time out outside before screaming over his hands being cold. My little guy isn't used to that feeling. His sisters decided to cheer him up by bringing snow indoors. He's a lucky little guy to be so well looked after by them!

Tomorrow is the big day! Happy Santa Lucia day to all of you. Little L is looking forward to his namesake day (He calls it Santa Lou-heee-ah). My girls' dresses are waiting at the end of their beds along with their crowns for morning buns, coffee and light! Have a great one, everyone!

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