Sunday, March 10, 2013

Once upon a time (a little fairy tale of sorts)

088 Uh-oh! 101 105 106 109 107 110 All aboard! Once upon a time there was a little boy who had golden curls and eyes like the sea after a storm. This little boy was new to the world and loved experiencing all he could about it. One day, as his family dropped his oldest sister off at school, the little boy heard a noise he had never heard before. It was a loud "choo-choo" coming from the direction of the playground. When he looked he couldn't believe his eyes. He saw a large and magnificent train coming his way. His family walked onto the sidewalk for him to get a closer look. When the train's engine passed a man leaned out and waved to him and then made the train say "choo-choo" again. The little boy jumped in his Mama's arms and then grinned from ear to ear. He was quite enchanted by it all. What a magical experience this was for him. From that day on, he knew that he wanted to drive a train of his own. He wanted so badly to tell his family about his desire, but alas, every time he opened his mouth to speak the only word that would come out was "choo-choo". Oh the torment!! How would he ever let them know?!

But his dream came true when Christmas arrived and a little wooden train was waiting under the tree. It was a beautiful gift from his Nana, Grandpa, Aunt and Uncle. A train of his very own. How did they know it was what he wanted all along? Were his speaking skills better than he thought?! He instantly fell in love. He noticed that his train was much smaller than the one he saw at school but that didn't phase him. He sat down on the engine and drove it around. Yipee - what fun!

The fun continues to this very day as he rides his train, sometimes even taking a passenger or two on board for a ride. He loves how big he feels and his Mama loves the pitter-pat of his feet along with the squeaking of the wheels as he follows her around the house.

Fairy tales can come true!

*Little L's wooden train is his absolute favorite toy, hands down. I'm sure Palumba would be the first to tell you that it is not meant to ride on but try telling that to my little guy!!*

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