Wednesday, January 16, 2013

You took care of I'll take care of you

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It snowed all day long on Monday, but the flakes were so very tiny that they didn't accumulate to much. That didn't matter to my girls, in their eyes snow is snow and they want to savor every last second of it (even though K felt under the weather). They spent most of the day back and forth between playing in the snow and warming back up by the fire. Little L wanted to come out and explore this white stuff falling from the sky, too, so I bundled him up and out we went. He experienced his first taste of snow (thankfully the dogs stayed inside by the warm fire all morning so we didn't have to worry about yellow snow) and saw the beauty of our forest all decked out in King Winter's mini crystals.

K was feeling much better by the end of the day and there was much rejoicing but then this Mama started to wheeze and C started to sneeze and





K murmurs, "Don't worry," and tucks us in bed. She bundles us up and kisses our heads.
She tells us, "You'll soon feel like new. You took care of me... now I'll take care of you."

Okay, that last part didn't exactly happen. I just have our favorite "sick book" memorized now. We have a couple of books set aside that only come out when someone is sick. That somehow makes being under the weather slightly less miserable. The one quoted above is from Bear Feels Sick.

But both C and I are feeling quite ill. I am doing my best to care for her as well as keep the healthy members of my family happy but I won't lie - it's a struggle when I barely have the strength to eat or make it up the stairs. As a mother I can't call in sick to my job or take it easy. I've been longing for my own Mama to come and take care of me. Am I just being a wimp? This led me to wonder  - who takes care of the Mamas when they are sick? I know Kevin would gladly take care of me, if he could, but his job has him gone more often than he is home and taking time off just isn't an option.
What do you do when you're sick? Do you just tough it out? Who helps you to feel better?

p.s - Little L's boots are an older version of these (they used to be C's!) and his snowsuit and mittens are boiled wool from Disana.
p.p.s - Come back tomorrow for another giveaway.

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