Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What's the matter here?

What's the matter here?

Never a dull moment around here. This is a picture of the gate to our backyard from the front of our house. Does any thing seem a bit strange to you?


Maybe it would help if I got down lower?


How about now?


Hmm, I suppose it would have been better if I could have got a shot of the fence from the ground up but that rascal moved before I could. If you couldn't guess it - our dog Beowulf is high off the ground looking over the top of our tall gate. This popped in my head when I first saw him (I totally picture him talking that way, too). We had firewood delivered recently and it's in a pile behind the fence until Kevin can stack it. Beowulf decided it was the perfect thing to climb on so he could get a better view of me as I went to get the mail. Neither of our other two dogs have ever even dreamed of doing something like this. Kevin and I wonder if it's the wolf in him. They do like to have the higher ground out in the wild and all...

We don't call him Chief Rascal for nothing! Life is splendidly full, wouldn't you agree??

p.s - I noticed something else a little off in this series of shots. Our sign says "German Shepherd on guard" but where is our fierce German Shepherd? All snug and warm snuggled by the fire with my little ones.

p.p.s - Kevin quickly took care of the wood after seeing this moment I captured.

See you here tomorrow for a fantastic giveaway!

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