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Tales from Mariposa Forest (giveaway!)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of discovering Mariposa Forest through Jennifer, the talented storyteller behind these enchanting tales. I loved the whole concept of it, I mean - what child (or adult, for that matter!) doesn't love to get mail. And this is no ordinary mail, not by a long shot! The brightly colored envelopes that arrive at our door are filled with magical stories that take my children to another land and simultaneously invite them to explore our own forest around us.  Not to mention the exquisite photographs that help to bring the stories to life. (Oh what I wouldn't give to pick Annie's brain on improving my own photography!) My girls truly believe these stories are being sent to them by forest creatures far away and look forward to receiving them in our mailbox each month. In fact, they love them so much they are currently working on a little something to send back to their favorite forest dwellers. More on that later, but shhhh... don't let Jennifer and Annie know!

Without further ado, please join me in welcoming  Jennifer and Annie the creative masterminds behind Mariposa Forest.


Both Annie and I would like to say a huge thank you to Nicole for giving this opportunity to tell
her wonderful readers about our stories.

How did Mariposa Forest begin?

Mariposa Forest began as a way to channel both of our creative energies. Annie told me of an
idea that she had and we started talking and as we talked, things changed and evolved and
then one day it all clicked. We both have a strong love of nature and we spend most of our days
with our children in the forest where we live. Our connection to nature and to this piece of Earth
we call home is something we both feel is extremely important for us as well as our children.
Mariposa Forest is our way of sharing our love of storytelling, photography, and that connection
to nature with children and parents everywhere.


Are your stories inspired by a particular forest around you?

Yes. While the stories aren’t “set” in a real place, I draw inspiration from the forest that
surrounds us. We live in the beautiful Gatineau Hills in West Quebec and we spend our days
roaming and exploring the incredible beauty all around. Often while we are out, I will see a
tree stump or hollow log and wonder who lives there. I often tell my children little stories of the
creatures that might live there. I feel very connected to this place and so when I am writing, my
stories often come from this forest.


Please tell us a little about Mariposa forest (and a bit about yourselves)

In a nutshell, Mariposa Forest is an imaginary experience delivered to your mailbox. More than
just stories, we deliver something that rarely happens in our fast paced, digital world, we deliver
a real, tangible letter to your child in the mail. Yes, old fashioned snail mail. Both Annie and
I have small children and we realized how excited they would get to receive birthday cards,
holiday cards, even the weekly grocery circular. We combined my storytelling with Annie’s
beautiful photography, threw in our love of nature and a dash of hard work and came up with
Mariposa Forest. They are storytelling stories, meant to be read out loud. The letters come from
the inhabitants of the forest and follow the seasons. We include photography of the forest, just
to give a glimpse or a new perspective. The stories also include a Reflection to help the children
stop and take a look at the world around them and observe what is happening where they live.
Our hope is that no matter where you live, whether it is an Urban jungle or the remote forests,
the stories will help your child feel their connection to the world around them as well as open
their imagination to see the world as a canvas for stories and creative play.


Giveaway details.... 3 Introductory Packages to 3 readers.

We are offering three of your readers the chance to win an “Introductory Package”. This is a
good way to see how it all works and experience what we offer without committing to a long
term subscription. The Package includes a “Welcome Letter” sent to your child to let them know
that something special will soon be arriving in the mail just for them. Next up is the Introductory
story. This is the first story sent out and it helps the child orient themselves with the Forest and
with some of the characters. Finally, they will receive the current seasonal story that is being
mailed. This gives both parent and child a chance to gain the full experience of what we offer.
We should also note that if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, we are happy to mail a “Topsy
Turvy” mailing. This is one of our current subscriber’s term for a reverse mailing, meaning we
can mail Spring/Summer stories for you as we are approaching Winter here.
We’ve launched a blog this week -- please come visit! We’re also launching a newsletter shortly
- and when you subscribe to our newsletter, you receive a FREE audio reading of one of our
Please visit our blog from our website,

Also, we are looking for others who want to share a post on how they are connecting to nature
where they live. If you are interested, contact us through the website!

You can follow us on facebook ::

Thank you ladies!

For a chance to win this generous package, simply leave a comment on this post! Easy and simple - no need to jump through hoops! And remember there are three winners.

If you would like additional chances to win:

- Post this giveaway to Facebook
- Like Mariposa Forest on Facebook
- Let me know you are a dear follower of Frontier Dreams

and please make sure to come back and leave separate comment s letting me know you've done so!
I will close comments on Tuesday November 6th and announce the winners within this post that night.

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The winners are:

Nahuatl · 
Lovely idea, we actually write a lot of paper letter and also love to receive them, thank you for the opportunity.
Ash ·  
I am a follower of Frontier Dreams :)
I love the inspiration, the peace, and the beautiful photography. Kudos Nichole!
My daughter would be so excited if we won :)
Congrats everyone! Please contact me at: farmergopi (at) yahoo (dot) com

Good luck everyone!!

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