Monday, September 10, 2012

Waldorf Rose Ceremony/First Day of First Grade!

Moments from K's first day of school. I'll let the photos do most of the talking since there are so many of them!

her desk

1st day of 1st grade (she wouldn't let me take her picture)

That little bugger wouldn't let me take her picture!

PWS song

School song

necklaces for the parents

Necklaces for the 1st grade parents to wear to the rose ceremony.

rose ceremony

rose ceremony

rose ceremony

Above is the rose ceremony. I wasn't at the best angle to get pictures and the sunlight shining in made it even harder, but at least we have the memory, right?

The rose ceremony is a school tradition where the seniors gift each first grader with a rose. It's incredible to see these young adults in their last year of school kneeling down to the children just beginning their first year. What a contrast! K also got her eighth grade buddy (who ending up being the one she really wanted - our friend's daughter, so we were very excited over that!). The eighth graders help their buddies with handwork amongst other things throughout the year. It is such a special blessing.

On a side note - you'll notice something odd about the way she is dressed in those photos. She isn't in a dress! She is actually wearing her extra set of clothes kept at school for muddy days, water spills, etc. I never expected her to wear them so I just threw in any old thing. I guess I will choose more wisely this week when I restock her locker (with clothing that acually fits and matches!)


all their roses

All their roses

1st day chalkboard drawing

classroom supplies

nature table

nature table

Nature table


my pic (of C) on the poster :)

Hallway finds - beautiful Steiner quote and a poster with one of my pictures on it.

gift from her teacher

Each first grader came home with a spider plant as a gift

so grown up!

She looks so grown up!

I can't believe my first born baby girl is now in the grades. My how time flies.
Tomorrow C and I will be beginning her homeschooling. Please wish us luck.

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