Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Keep calm craft on

Can I just start out by saying I miss Work In Progress Wednesday. I so enjoyed doing those posts but when I missed almost a year of posting on here it seemed to have vanished. I probably wouldn't be able to revive it now but I am thinking of maybe starting up something else. Not all of us knit and I know I am working more on other crafts than knitting as of late. Would any of you be interested in joining me?Knitting, of course is welcome!

I finished the girls' Phoebes just in the nick of time for Epiphany. Once I finished them I thought I would pick my Papoosa back up but looking at it just made my head spin. I thought perhaps an instant gratification project was in order to get me back on track.

Remember this beautiful yarn that was given to me on my birthday? Well, I though it would be perfect for the fast knit pointy elf hat from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. I didn't have an intended recipient when I started it, as I didn't know how many yards I had or how big I could make it. Since the yarn was a lighter weight than the pattern called for I used smaller needles (size 11 to be exact) and knit the large adult size. With those modifications the hat ended up fitting K perfectly. It was such a quick knit, too. I had it done in less than two hours. Just what I needed! I had yarn leftover and C decided she wanted a matching one so I got back to work on one for her. I started out making it the same size as K's but ran out of yarn so I ripped it out and cast on the small adult size, instead. I had just enough yarn for that and it fits C great. Rav notes are here.

I thought I was done with that pattern but the girls had other plans. The yarn pictured above is for Baby L's own pointy elf hat. The girls informed me that it was only fair if he had one, too. I bought that yarn a couple of years ago and had no plans for it so why not? I love the lumpy, bumpiness of it. (yep, making up words, again) I am happy to say I am actually reading my library books right now! I borrowed this onea few months ago (you may have seen it on my sidebar) and loved it so I requested it again. Anything with 'simplicity' in the title grabs my attention. Something has to give with my home/life organization!! Joining my friend Ginny here for knitting fun. (HA! And trying to overcome disorganization, too)

Oh how I love instant gratification projects!
What are you working on? Happy creating!

P.S. Did you guys see the Doodlebug Yarn badge in the sponsors section? They are such a great yarn shop to buy from (I just recently ordered through them for Baby L's birthday makings yarn) and they have an ongoing discount for all of you. $5 off your $25 purchase! Just use code 'Frontier' at checkout.

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