Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Letting Go

Well folks, I do believe my utter lack of organization and time management has done me in. I am being pulled in so many directions at once that I just can not focus. That does come with the territory of being a Mama, but I think I may have ADHD. My own husband and Mom see it, too. I jump from one thing to another in a matter of moments and can never seem to fully focus on the matter at hand. Or I'll see something shiny and get distracted. Ok maybe not really, but it sure seems that way sometimes. Perhaps, that's one of the reasons why I am so unorganized. What do you mean my car keys are not in that pile of stuff on the stairs when I am already running late to pick up K from school? Maybe they are in that other pile over there... ack! I wouldn't bother going to the doctor over this, what good would it really do me to know for sure if I had it or not?. I know they would just give me drugs, that I wouldn't take, to 'control' it. Eh, it may just be that it's 'one of those days' and hopefully this feeling shall soon pass.

This latest bout of feeling overwhelmed is all my own doing. I think I may have been a bit overzealous in my ambitions as of late. All of these ambitions are things I love, it's just that it seems like too much at one time. All right, I am being overdramatic, it's honestly not that much. If I didn't procrastinate and wait until the last minute, I wouldn't be feeling this way. Note to self: remember that thought!

Within the next two weeks school shall end for summer and I have teachers gifts I want to make. I plan on knitting these for K's teachers and then a shawl and a big basket of knitted fruit and veggies for C's teacher (She requested the knitted fruit for her classroom). I have laundry fairy duty this weekend and then next week I am baking bread for the school faculty. Is it ridiculous that I am giddy over baking bread for them?

The week after school lets out my MIL comes for a visit. We are looking forward to her visit but as with any guest coming, it's a whole lot of preparations in itself.

There is quite a list of mostly sewing and some knitting I need or want to finish up by the middle of June and some of it not even started yet.

Have I mentioned that I still need to do thank you notes and e-mails from little L's birth? Yeah, I am way behind on that.

I have never ending laundry piles staring at me and laundry detergent to make. I am just a bit frustrated with our homemade detergent because it seems to leave our clothes dingy looking. We started making our own awhile ago. We wanted to know every ingredient that is being used on the things that touch our skin, and to save money. I am wondering how much money we are saving exactly, though, when the Dr. Bronner's soap costs over $3.00 a bar and we need one bar for a batch of detergent that lasts us a month. Does anyone have any suggestions for another safe soap to use, perhaps? Or even your own favorite laundry detergent recipe would be oh so appreciated. Oh and let's pretend we don't see my dirty gardening fingers in that picture, ok?

I am also looking for a recipe to make our own dishwashing soap for washing dishes by hand. We have a great recipe my friend Nicola posted on her blog for the dishwasher (I can't seem to find the exact link),but we now wash all of our dishes by hand (more on that in a new rhythm post coming soon), so we need a new recipe.

While I am asking a bunch of questions, do any of you know where I can find the Oliver + S bubble dress pattern in size 2t-5t? It's out of print but K really wants me to make her some.

All the while my daily chores are falling behind. Did I really just share a picture of my dirty sink and dishes with you?!

Maybe it's just my brain can not function due to my poor teething baby who can no longer sleep and spends all day crying in my arms. Maybe I just need to stop complaining and just learn the art of letting go.
I can not do it all.

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