Friday, May 6, 2011

The Koala Bear Chronicles

C is quickly growing right before my very eyes. My baby has suddenly become a little girl. The age of two is almost a distant past as three has taken over. My shy little koala bear, who clings to me like velcro, is starting to venture off on her own, and explore the world around her more and more these days. This is especially evident at our local parks and playgrounds.

Who needs Mama when I am pretending to be a forest gnome playing in the dirt?


balancing - yipee what fun!

I no longer need help on the swing...


I can do it my own way...


Even your Paw Paw watches in astonishment.

While big sister encourages you

Oh my sweet little C, I can see the exhilaration of your new found independence in your eyes and I am so happy for you.
But please slow down, you are still my baby girl and there is no rush in growing up. Mama wants to hold on a bit longer. Nice and easy does it, ok?

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