Friday, April 29, 2011

It's almost....

the beginning of berry season, and if you couldn't tell by this post we are excited! We plan on going strawberry picking the end of this month and I am dreaming up some special dresses for the girls already (I do think it's time to get that sewing machine of mine back out from under the dust bunnies), as well as sweet sugar free yummies to make with said strawberries, of course.

But blackberries, oh blackberries - those are our sweet treasures. We only discovered the free wild blackberries at the end of the season last summer (a big thank you to Kyrie!)which was enough time to harvest a few baskets. This year, however, we have been making our plan of action much in advance and searching weekly for all the wild blackberry bushes around us. I am thinking of making a map with information on how many bushes we found in each area... would that be too much?

Those sweet stained fingers from harvesting...

and cute messy faces from enjoying their harvest.

Anyone else as excited as us, or are we the only berry crazy family? Oh and yes, to clear up any confusion, these pics are from last summer, so no weird early blackberry season here.

I almost forgot - Happy May Day (Sunday)! We have our school celebration next weekend and you can be sure pictures will follow here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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