Friday, October 22, 2010

Harvest Festival

Earlier in the month our school had it's annual Harvest Festival, and just like last year, it was a fun filled day.
Unfortunately it rained all day long, so the festivities were held indoors this time around, but that still could not dampen our spirits.

Look at those silly faces!

K's kindergarten class held a butter churning booth. I was very happy to help out and work the booth. It was so much fun to watch the children (and even adults, too!) come up and make butter for the first time. Everyone was so surprised at how simple it was to make.

There was fresh cornbread (thanks to a mother of one of K's favorite classmates) made for everyone to sample their butter churning skills with.

We had a delicious community potluck. Kevin made his famous manicotti and it was gone before we could even get to it (much to K's disappointment, but luckily he made more for her for dinner that evening). There was an abundance of singing and dancing and just giddiness all around.
I did not get as many pictures as I had wanted but here are a few of the activities we participated in:

K and Kevin carved a little pumpkin together

K carded wool and then...

spun it at the spinning wheel (big highlight for the both of us!)

C had her face painted

Both of the girls made their own dragon's eggs

Corn cob toss, apple pressing and more, oh my!

Above is a scene from our current nature table (Woo hoo lantern season!) which has a couple of the lanterns I made at the festival, thanks to our lovely school store owner and her many, many talents.

I am sad it is all over now but looking forward to our next event - the heart of advent in November.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Anonymous said...

what a fun day for your girls, and you!

anushka said...

lovely! are there any tutorials out there on making the lanterns that you know of?

TulsiLeaf said...

That looks wonderful!

Kevin's manicotti sounds delicious, to bad I am allergic to tomatoes. I would love to make some!

Beautiful pictures!

Patty-Cake Manners said...

That sounds like a great day!!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Anushka - I have instructions in german (not so helpful!) and a nice booklet of instruction on it from our school store owner which really helped me. I did a quick search online and came up with this:

There are more detailed instructions you can buy here:


Melanie~Our Ash Grove said...

Sounds wonderful, Nicole! Your girls are so sweet in their pink dresses. :)

gardenmama said...

what a beautiful time nicole! this season is so rich with celebration, i truly look forward to this lantern season as well! enjoy your weekend xo

Jessica said...

What a lovely time! I really, really want to be part of a school community like this (our closest school is an hour away. Which isn't as far as some, I know, but is daunting for us at this time.)

Kevin has a great manicotti? I have a lasagna recipe that is too die for! Easy to sub in veggies or meat, depending on what kind of preferences everyone has. :)

Love your star lanterns! I think we're going to do the jar lanterns this year and work on the folding for star lanterns during the rest of the! So maybe we can have some pretty ones by lantern season 2011. ;)

alyssa spring said...

So much fun! I'm craving cornbread now! How are you feeling?

Bending Birches said...

oh, mmm...manicotti....and all the other activities look delicious for the soul.....hope you are feeling well, lovely lady:)

.::Our Waldorf Home Mama::. said...

Agian I say, these are things I miss about "traditional Waldorf Schooling" Homeschooling def. lends more possibility inmo, but the community aspect is something I miss dearly ;)


renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I think a cozy indoor harvest festival with the rain pouring down outside sounds very nice. It's actually pouring rain here at this moment.

Look at that beautiful spinning wheel! And the butter churn too, I love those old style ones.

So excited for lantern season, advent, everything is starting to feel so festive!
And I miss you too of course!!!

Anonymous said...

this is one, among many, of the reasons I love waldorf! So many wonderful festivities and beautiful crafts, we are looking forward to the Spring fair at our local Steiner school in a few weeks.

Carrie said...

Beautiful festival pictures! I love that carding then spinning the wool was an activity.


a little crafty nest said...

Nicole, What a wonderful day you seemed to have had! I agree, the Waldorf festivals provide so much magic and wonder with their atmosphere, their beauty, and their intention. I love this season as the festivals seem to merge into each other and become one seamless celebration.
xo Jules

rox said...

what a beautiful post ! I so need to try my ( grammas ) spinning wheel my mother gave me .
I have a blog award for You on my blog . please feel free to stop by and pick it up ☺
lov rox

thegirlsmom said...

Oh it all looks SO lovely! x

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Thank you! :)
We really, really enjoy FINALLY being part of a community here so this is really special to us. I spent the past 4 years being as far removed from a waldorf community as you can imagine (minus my wonderful friend Tiffeni who was a waldorf grades teacher), and I felt so alone. I think that's why I feel like I finally 'came home' here, and I thank the stars every day for being so blessed.

Jessica - I do believe you need to share your lasagna recipe! I haven't made lasagna in years minus my vegan version... I don't even remember where to begin :)

Alyssa - Ha,ha, sorry to make you crave the cornbread! I am feeling a lot better, still nauseated a lot and can't eat much but better!

Jules - Oh so well said! I love how festive all of autumn/winter tends to be. Such a wonderful tiem of year.

Rox - I am so very jealous you have a spinning wheel! Thank you for the award, I am honored!

Wishing you all well!

earthboysblog said...

Nicole, it all looks so lovely and sweet. We have a butter churn just like that, today was our butter day, it's always nice to have fresh, homemake raw cultured butter.

Tan Family said...

What a special day! It sounds like a beautiful festival. I love the spinning wheel! The lanterns are beautiful. ;)

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