Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WIP Wednesday : Preparing for Spring

I am really behind and trying to throw together some last minute gifts for my girls from the Root Children for this weekend. I don't know how I managed to completely forget about the Root Children's appearance day this year. I think I just got a bit too excited crafting for C's birthday.

Snail friends

I am keeping it pretty simple starting with some cute little knitted snails. I plan on making one for both of my girls. They are really fast and easy to make. I just have to add a leaf to the bottom of the one pictured above and knit up another one just like it quick. I have learned that my girls like to have the same exact thing as each other so I will knit the other one out of the same yarn.

I found the pattern for the snails on Linda's blog and I plan on knitting up a couple of her eggs for the girls, too. If you haven't checked out her blog before, please do! It's so uplifting and they are such an inspiring family.

School time

A very random WIP and a much less fun project - paperwork, paperwork and more paperwork but oh so worth it!!!!! I am finishing up the packet I received from K's future school, lots of question and things to sign, but I am not complaining. This is our dream finally coming true!! On a side note - I have to point out the 'First Aid Treatment' section. I actually jumped up and down when I read that.

K artwork

I have only had a couple of chances to work some more on one of K's 'new bedroom special surprises', but have made some progress nonetheless. I love the way she writes the 'K' in her name!

Hedgehog theme, anyone?

I think C has a theme to her birthday without evening trying - hedgehogs!! I am finishing up a dress that matches her birthday dress for her 'C baby'. I think this will bring a big smile to her face.

All right, seeing all of this reminds me I need to get back to work in my little elf shop!! Can't wait to see what you are all up to! Wishing you all a fun St. Patrick's Day.

Happy creating!



Nadja said...

Because I love hedgehogs myself (they were always guests in my Opa's garden in Germany, where we would put out shallow dishes of milk for them), I just want to let you know that there are many printable Hedgie things on Jan Brett's website. Just look it up--there's so much!

Love the knit snails!

boatbaby said...

the snails are precious! Z is so excited about the rot children around here, wanting to read the book over and over. good luck with your paperwork!

healing hillary said...

Love this post! Especially the paperwork part...because I can so relate. I am elbow deep in it myself. In fact...I feel inspiration for a post coming on :)!
Love the Homeopathic Remedy section.

Also the snail...oh my I am in love. Snails are my favorite thing to make with soft dough. I'll have to knit some of these up for us as well. Lovely, lovely, always, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Love the snail! How super sweet.

Can't wait to see the rest.

Joy said...

I loved Linda's snail and eggs too. Yours is adorable. I'm sure the girls will love them! How fantastic that they're school will give out homeopathic first aid! My daughter's school will let me bring it in with a note (like homeopathic cough syrup) which is pretty progressive for down here, but administer it? ha! The dress is looking adorable! Love the hedgehog theme. ;)

Briana said...

The snail is absolutley adorable! I can't wait to see it finished. It is most definitly going on my list of things to make. And I am so exited for you to be getting so close to K going of to school. I know this will sind quite silly of me but I can't wait to see pictures of her and the wonderful preperation work that I am sure you will do (such as knitt clothes/hats for her). As an aspiring Waldorf teacher myself I get exited everytime I see another little one go off to begin the great journey.

Unknown said...

So much goodness! I saw those snails the other day on a blog and think they are so adorable...I've got to make a few of these!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I love the collaborative embroidery!
Love Linda's blog too, such a sweet and talented woman. I think hedgehog is a a very nice theme for your little one :)

Lacey (schoolhousefarm) said...

that hedgehog is adorable. What a thoughtful mamma you are!

Linda said...

Dear Nicole,
Your snail is beautiful!!
You are so sweet to link to my blog:)
Thank you for sharing the love and Happy St Patrick's day:)

kyndale said...

love all the crafting. the snail is absolutely adorable and so springy! love it! Kyndale

Heather said...

I love EVERYTHING that you are making. I really need to get to work today on some gifts for the children as well. Such a short time until they appear. The dress is amazing Nicole. So beautiful

mamaraby said...

So exciting about school!

Julie said...

I *love* the snail. What yarn did you use?

Anonymous said...

I am SO far behind. SO SO SO far behind. I have two eggs to felt more and I need to figure out something to go into them.

Love your pictures!

Marina said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with that embroidery!

You know I posted about the root children on MY blog last year... you should check it out...

(HEE! OK, delete this comment)

Love you!

Nicola said...

beautiful handiwork, nicole!
is your daughter's name Kavuni? That lovely! It sounds Hawaiian.
Which Name?

gardenmama said...

I love everything you create for your girls Nicole : ) The yarn is gorgeous and the snail so sweet! Congratulations on starting at a Waldorf school!! Warm wishes and blessings to your family during this exciting time xo

softearthart said...

What lovely knitted snails, cheers from New Zealand Marie

Lisa said...

I love all of this, particularly the snail. The colors are beautiful and I love your photo of the yarn and snail. Just lovely.

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you, thank you everyone! The snails are done and waiting to be put in the eggs and plaed outside.

Nadja - Thank you!! I will have to check that out. That is so sweet that you used to put out milk for them!!

Julie - I used some leftover yarn from various projects, the yellow was some O-Wool Balance and the snail shell was some old yarn but I don't have the name :( Sorry!

Sorry for the short response!

Thank you again!

boatbaby said...

I am cracking up, I just realized I typed ROT children rather than ROOT children. Can you imagine a kids book called The Story of the Rot Children? Sounds like some awful modern cartoon that would probably sell like crazy. What a slip up! Sorry! My new keyboard is slightly off from my other one and I am typing like a 6 year old lately.

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