Friday, October 3, 2008

BE the Change

And now for something completely different... (Everyone needs a Monty Python reference now and again) This is the anniversary of K's cat Midnight appearing in our lives and my how he has grown!Our little kitten used to fit in the palm of Kevins hand, now Midnight is so huge I can barely hold him! He is larger than and weighs more than C! He is so chubby he can't even jump onto things and our Geisha kitty leaves him in her dust when they play. He is like the brother of garfield. We love him so much,especially K,and he loves her too. He's the perfect companion for her. I am so happy she has him to grow up with. I really feel it's important for everyone to grow up with an animal or some kind. I was fortunate to grow up with my beloved kitty in my life and now K will get the same joy and experience I had. <3 Cute kitten: Midnight got his name after a much loved kitty at Gita-Nagari "Midnight" I was lucky to be able to take care of the original Midnight while I lived there. She was a special girl. She left her body shortly before our visit there so we named our Midnight after her in honor of her sweet life. Midnight and Geisha about 6 months old or so: and the fatso now..this pic doesn't even do justice to just how HUGE this cat is! I will have to get a pic of him and K together to give you perspective!

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